Entitled "Service Dog" Handlers Are Ruining Our Community!!!


Please don’t send hate to anyone mentioned in this video!! This was just reporting on what had happened that has been a hot topic on facebook. These are a mix of facts and opinions. Don’t forget to like and subscribe as well as share!! Leave your opinions down below!

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  1. Not only this but it is extremely just mind-boggling to me that they let their dogs just wander away so far. I always take into consideration when having my dog offleash (which is often, whenever he gets playtime off-duty I take him offleash and let him run) that not everyone is responsible and a random dog could also be offleash and ATTACK theirs! Not only this but a dog physically cannot work a YARD away. Not only is what shes doing illegal but both her and rambo's handler are showing the public that this is ok. I know Rambo has SOME training but does Buster AT ALL??? They never come when called or even listen for that matter. I'd hate to run into them with my SD. Service dog or not they have the right to kick them out when breaking rules like that. If Rambo was working when they exited that fenced in area hed stay in the general area and DIDNT.

  2. Can pepole stop using " I get seizures" card to label their service dog medical alert it's really annoying it's not a quirky cute condition

  3. My service dog is in training and when peoples “service dogs” come up and distract her and cause me a lot of problems. Thankfully she is getting really good at ignoring them.

  4. And here I was thinking that my dog still needed to train for anouther year and 4 months and according to what they have posted she was fully trained at 4 months haha she 8 months now and yeah we had ups and downs but still she's always done better then their dogs even when she was ohh about 10 weeks old at least she could hold a heel. Going to be honest tho that lasted for about a month and then it was rebellious haha which was amazing … yeah. I've seen pets better trained tho I mean seriously as long as the dog doesn't mess with mine even if it's clearly a fake I will ignore it but if it becomes a problem then I get a store manager or tell an employee because I hate confrontation. Anyway I'd rather a dog be pulling that doesn't have a vest on then a dog that does have a service dog vest on because most of the public doesn't know that working dogs aren't required to wear a vest if it affects the dogs ability to work or the owners disability

  5. Can dogs eat maple syrup and pancakes? I’m going back to Canada soon and I want to get a SD and we ontarians luv our milked bags and maple syrup

  6. I have a question for service dog handlers. The topic of certification was brought up in this video and I completely agree with everything that was said as they can be extremely harmful to the rights of real service dogs teams. However, I’m in the process of getting a service dog from an accredited training program which provides certifications and ids for their dogs. (Don’t worry the dogs go through two years of training, they aren’t fake) Is it okay to use that certification to end confrontations? I’m worried that I will be contributing to a problem but I’ve been really scared about public access issues. I need the dog for anxiety issues, one of which being that I collapse when my anxiety spikes. I’m worried that someone will confront me about my dog and I will pass out before I can resolve the issue, which is why it would be helpful to use the ID to diffuse the situation. Do you have any opinions or advice for me? Thanks for any help you can give!

  7. Lmao she said that she “slowed down the footage” 🙄 of the guy walking up to her dog and that he was walking a lot quicker, but it’s obvious that nothing was slowed down bc everything in the background was still moving at regular speed. They’re obviously just extremely entitled and making bs excuses for their horribly trained dogs. Obviously even real fully trained service dogs make mistakes, but the important thing is that the handler takes responsibility for those mistakes and works on training those things more. These people are definitely just entitled and rude. They’re NOWHERE near where even a new SDiT should be in terms of training or manners, and they 10000% shouldn’t be doing public access. Any business would be 100% within their rights to kick both of them out legally, bc their dogs are disruptive and obviously untrained. This wouldn’t be a problem if they were mature and realized that their dogs need MUCH more training before even starting PA, and decided to work hard to fix their behavior as teams, but they’re just ignorant and fine with making a mockery of service dogs. Smh. Doesn’t matter if they have disabilities and a legitimate need for a SD, they’re falsifying a service dog when they bring those dogs in public. They don’t have trained service dogs, they have ill behaved pets being passed off as SDs, and that won’t change unless they stop being immature and horrifically rude and decide to take responsibility and properly train their dogs like every other handler.

  8. I'm gonna be honest…. i would probably kick the dog too…. if it was barking in my face, then they had it off leash and let it run up to me after seeing how they didn't have a clue how to control it…… i would be scared and not want it anywhere near my dog.

  9. Okay so the thing is.. I guess I get the appeal as why people fake having a SD. They wanna be with their dog. Fine. I get that. buuuuttt.. how are they not embarrassed?!?!? Us legit handlers like.. our dogs.. barely step a toe out of a heel or maybe you have to say "down" twice.. and we are appalled.

    PEEING IN A STORE?!?! I guess it's like.. if you are going to have a fake SD. Why not have an obedient dog? I've seen TONS of amazing pet dogs! If the owner/handler isn't disabled then the dog is therefore NOT a service dog!! Regardless of how amazingly well behaved the dog is. Maybe this makes me sound shitty since I am part of the SD community but I actually don't care about pets in stores. IF that pet behaves in a way that is unobtrusive to the public, is not disturbing me/my personal space/my service dog, it is not contaminating food areas, ect. But the thing is.. these people who fake it.. its damn obvious. If it wasn't obvious. I feel like most legit handlers actually wouldn't care that much.

  10. I don't generally like to get mixed up in these sort of shenanigans, but I felt a comment boiling up that I couldn't ignore! 🙂 I don't know either Service Aussie Caspian or the people she's talking about in this video. For the most part, I agree with SAC's opinion on the level of training that is missing on these two dogs and the entitlement that these two girls seem to have. HOWEVER, I feel I must comment about the larger dog (GSD-x?) barking at the security guy. This dog was alerting to the presence of a creepy guy dressed in black approaching his girls in the dark. I didn't see any real aggression there, and as you can see in the video when the guard guy reaches to pet the dog, the pup shies away a bit, but he doesn't try to nip the guy. MOST of working breeds (Rotts, Danes, Dobies, etc.) and quite a few of the herding breeds (GSD, Malinois, Tervurens, etc.) will be vocal when they perceive a threat. They've been bred to be vigilant and to alert. It doesn't necessarily make them dangerous, or poorly trained, any more than a high-prey drive dog intently watching a squirrel from a heel position. MY SD has years of PA now, and she's great in busy places with all sorts of people. However, she will grumble if someone leans into my car window when she and I are in it, or when someone other than my family comes into my house. She's a protective breed of dog (Boerboel), and it's her job to let me know that someone strange is near by. I WANTED this characteristic in my SD, which was why I didn't get a Golden Retriever or a Labrador. When I tell her "It's OK" she settles down and minds her own business again.


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