EPP 21 E30 M3 RECREATION | Custom Exhaust Fabrication & Install


In this the 21st episode of E30 M3 recreation, we’re at Deutsch Tech in Milton Keynes for a full custom exhaust system for be fabricated and fitted.

This E30 will undergo a full restoration and as part of its M3 rebirth Spencer from BMP Conversions will install a E46 race turned S54 engine, E36 M3 Evo suspension with Bilstein additions plus lots of in-house fabrications to create an ultimate road/racecar iteration.
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  1. back-pressure is not needed, you don't want back-pressure on any exhaust system, what you do need is correct tract pulse tuning to ensure a scavenging effect behind the exhaust valve at the right rpm range, the diameter and length of the exhaust pipe affect this by a great deal, adequate primary length tuning and exhaust system dimensions tuning are crucial to respect this key principle, by no means related in anyway by the dreaded term back-pressure….its 2019, about time we eradicate this misconception

  2. Ohhh maaaaan I cant wait for the next episode!! You guys are doing amazing job on this project! I wish I wasn’t broke so I could do this to my e30 lol


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