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We tested 10 digital kitchen scales to find the best one:
OXO Good Grips 11 lb Food Scale with Pull Out Display
Polder Easy Read Digital Kitchen Scale
Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
Salter Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale
Escali Alimento Digital Scale
Escali Arti Glass Kitchen Scale
American Weigh EDGE-5K Digital Kitchen Scale
American Weigh CITRON-5K Digital Kitchen Scale
Soehnle Page Evolution
Polder Slimmer Stainless Digital Kitchen Scale

No matter what you’re cooking or baking, weighing the ingredients helps guarantee perfect results. But only if your scale is accurate and easy to use.

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Know the correct way to use a whisk? Think again:

– Consistently accurate within 2 grams
– Clear, easy-to-read screen that isn’t obscured by large items
– Responsive, intuitive, easy-to-reach buttons
– Removable platform and/or tight seams that keep out food and water


ACCURACY: We tested three units of each model, weighing 30-, 200-, and 500-gram lab-calibrated weights 10 times on each unit, at the beginning and end of testing. We preferred scales that gave consistently accurate readings; models that routinely ­varied by more than 2 grams lost points.

EASE OF USE: We timed how long it took to turn on the scales, switch from grams to ounces, and measure 5 ounces of flour. Several test cooks also subjected top-performing models to a week of daily use. The best models had intuitive controls that were easy to access.

LEGIBILITY: We preferred digital displays with sharp color contrast or a backlight option, big digits, and large screens. Scales lost points if a 5-quart mixing bowl blocked or obscured the screen.

DURABILITY: We dropped each model onto the counter from a height of 2 inches, checking to see if any pieces fell off or if the scales became damaged.

CLEANUP: We stained the platforms with a measured amount of yellow mustard, tomato paste, and canola oil; after 36 hours, we washed them by hand. The best models had removable platforms that we could wipe off or scrub. Scales that trapped water and food residue lost points.

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  1. I have 2 Oxo kitchen scales, both fairly new. One was a gift, which is the same one as CI pick on this video. Neither of the two scales are accurate, and both of them vacillate in weight as the food sits on the platforms. I've never been a fan of either of them. I had previously owned an Escali Pana for 10 years before it stopped working. It was a great accurate scale. Runs about $80 on the Escali site, but I just bought another one on Amazon for $46.29. They also feature it on the King Arthur site, so that says something. King Arthur helped design the code system that allows you to weigh things by volume with this scale. (comes with a laminated sheet of codes) There are 100 plus items that have codes. For example, if you need however much brown sugar, you find the code for brown sugar, enter that code, and it will weigh it in increments of 1/8ths, 1/4ths, 1/3rds 1/2ves, 3/4ths, 1 cups or by 1/2 Tablespoons. This is really convenient when converting recipes that have no weights for ingredients. It's considered a baker's scale. Saves a lot of cups and spoons when you're throwing something together, and the accuracy is spot on. The other two will go to the thrift store. Here's a youtube link for those that are interested: One last note if someone from Cook's Illustrated is reading this,….It would be awesome if you'd include weights in your recipes! (Like Kenji does!)

  2. Digital Kitchen scale Buy Now:[0]=68.ARBdWKq0KBAlwQ6cXqkpJeeRfdDngO3ADyxazbtvxI407e4nya0N7ETK9x_VjGkrc9uiax9n86KenBMJY_TFcSHngnXVkLa3c3hiBhCMl_wksBlDrSzJq9_miF90HEtQc4hne-LCUukF7Fg9DLvfCFkh7IevGgt-O9GV3C2Ia6iMDpN3VpuNREb2UT8DzAn8H1ZmS1KKK0qpCMHBSxPGemdSktsSDZDUh_BR1c8xM9W-tbEpLsYy11ZmQGBO66ADhu-m6V1UdkhfabIix_nP2_pYZa6n8NPuDVcTW66pX1I-Kdd5-lwDtBibEcArZn7hHFNqZMSNGVVb2DTHs9uCK6FkPTra&__tn__=-R

  3. Thissssss is what i'm looking for. A review by a real professional not just another top 10 videos with robotic voices. Thank you 😘

  4. After buying the scale I am having a hard time finding a reference giving food serving sizes given in oz/grams. Most all are given in cups or equivalent volume amounts. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. I really like this channel. I bought my blender based on the video review here. The problem is that comparisons like this one (nearly three years old as of this writing) need to be updated periodically, as new competitors arrive on the market and old models get phased out.

  6. I have an even better suggestion: The Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale in Tempered Glass, 18-Pound, Elegant Black. I have had it for three years and am blown away by how user friendly it is. The surface is sleek black glass, so it might not pass the toss it on the counter test, however it sure passes the museum quality test. Switching between units is easy, although I generally like using grams as my universally unit. The "tare" function allows for successive measurements which is quite a joy whether making a recipe or putting together a dinner plate of separate foods that you want to input on your Cronometer food diary. For either of these tasks, it works amazingly well. The problem of not being able to see the read out is easily solved by first putting a small bowl or custard dish on the plate and taring it to zero, making the read out completely visible even below a dinner plate. Cleaning up the Ozeri glass is a mere swipe of a soapy cloth. Nothing about this scale is fussy. The battery lasted three years. The Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is super slim. I store it on its side by slipping it into a small cupboard space just above my food prep station. I hope you add it to your next scale test.

  7. Once you start using the scale, you will stuff your measuring cups to collect dust. But as you start using it every day, the scale HAS to be a workhorse, and I'm sorry, but dropping $50 on an oxi scale is criminal. KD8000 is way better and is under $40.

  8. I bought a Taylor (owns Salter) scale, and it died in 3 months! No more Taylor kitchen gadgets for me. I had bad luck with their thermometers as well. I liked that scale; too bad it died

    I got the Oxo you mentioned. I'm satisfied with it about 1 month into ownership. I made Jambalaya from a box the other day, and in the past, I just chucked in maybe 1.5 lbs of meat without knowing it. Using the scale, I measured almost 1 lb, and the taste was completely different.

    I used to think that the scale would take up more time, but I'm finding it might be a little faster than using scoops. In the past, I used the King Arthur Flour "floof and scoop" method, but since I don't have to do that anymore thanks to the scale, I measure faster.

  9. Dammit she didn't talk about any of the scales in detail, she just kept saying, "This one" and "some of the scales…" Say which ones you are speaking about so we have some context, or don't call this a review. It makes this video completely pointless, why did you test them all extensively if you weren't going to talk about them?!? DONE WITH THIS BULLSHIT

  10. Great review as usual. So happy I found this channel. Has already saved me so much time on deciding which equipment to go with. Keep up the good work!

  11. Ever since I started weighing my ingredients three years ago, the consistency has so improved. I only wish TV cooks/chefs, home cooks and bloggers would offers all of their recipes in weight. Makes a world of difference. It's an acquired skill like anything, but the average person doesn't want to change what they bleieve is "working' for them.


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