Everything Fortnite DIDN'T Tell You In The NEW UPDATE… (New Map, Season 3 Event, Patch Notes)


Everything Fortnite DIDN’T Tell You In The NEW UPDATE… (New Map, Season 3 Event, Patch Notes)
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I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go into Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 2 v12.40 and go over the new patch update and non official patch notes! New map changes, weapons unvaulted, and season 3 event coming soon!

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– LG Kiwiz #fortnite

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  1. Guys u can’t keep hating on fortnite and I’m going to tell u why. Any of u remember when u played chapter one and always wanted a new map? I would play everyday and I would always say and hear someone say they want something new. And it’s funny when they bring what they want and listen to everyone but the reason they don’t care is because they listen and people hate. The new map came and everyone liked it for like 2 days and then they hate and want the old map back like they didn’t ask for a new map. U guys just gotta live if what u have in fortnite and just enjoy the game. Y’all complain I can’t enjoy it and everyone sweats but u can still do what u did back then. Do it in squads and it’s still fun! Just camp and do nothing and laugh u can have fun if u try. I’m not saying u guys can’t hate on a game and they did nothing bad ever but they do a lot and u guys just need to learn to enjoy it yourself. Hope u guys see this and have fun!

  2. Kiwiz you probably won’t see this but Midas won’t change because he is already ghost like the yacht and so it does not matter what the community chooses

  3. Idk man. This guy just seems like he irons his socks. Can't catch onto his vibe, and thumbnails always dramatic. "Ban" on the mines yet they weren't. Small things like that irk me.

  4. Im so good at the game, I mean I'm actually insane like I'm not even a controlled playa I'm just cracked outa my mind my dude I'm a complete (UNDERRATED PSHYCO) 🙂 SKILL BASED MATCH MAKING

  5. Kiwiz content has really gone down hill and its a shame. I used to watch his videos, and they were amazing, but now they just seem plain.


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