Ex-cop caught on camera assaulting suicidal patient in hospital


A former New Jersey police officer who admitted dealing drugs was caught on camera brutally assaulting a suicidal man — twice.

Federal prosecutors sentenced ex-Paterson officer Ruben McAusland to nearly six years in jail Wednesday for both crimes. He also must pay $32,892 in restitution.

The U.S. Attorney’s office released the video this week of 27-year-old McAusland, on duty and in uniform, assaulting a patient at St. Joseph’s Regional Hospital in March 2018.

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  1. When I did Security in Perth Amboy, NJ.. I worked at a mental health center and always treated the patients with the utmost respect. There is a God you know, and He is watching. So anyway, this one client was 32 his name Dixon, was so very harmless and lived with his mother. His mother called the police on him one night during the weekend ( big mistake of course and the Center was closed on weekends). So I come to find out on Monday that the police arrive at his moms house and Dixon had a mental breakdown and simply had something in his hand and wasn’t trying to injure anyone so the rookie female cop decides its a good idea to pull out her 9 millimeter Glock and unload into his mid area extremities including his heart and dropping him dead instantly. It was a sad time. About 4 years ago. The police do kill the mentally ill. They have too much of an ego and not enough compassion and skill to deal with that demographic. Police Academy’s should be more prepared in this today.

  2. Love it, almost every one of these cops assaulting someone is some form of child, physically/mentally disabled or when they are much smaller and restrained.

    The world economy could very well collapse soon, thanks to Youtube and court records we know who the first to go will be!


  4. Bet that POS ain't laughing now probably working at el Pollo loco or taco Bell I'd luv to see this scared lil wuss face to face both of them bet they'd run without that badge to back them up!!!

  5. Yes yes, i do not understand why those wild people in middle east do not want to accept american culture which brave us soldiers bring to them. Everybody in the world dreams about living in usa! Great country hehe

  6. They are acting like the police did in the post-WW2 communist era Eastern Europe.
    My homeland Poland was sufferring the lawlessness of the cops back in the 80s.

  7. Here’s the story summed up
    A man tried to commit suicide and was stopped. He had 2 police officers assigned to be his suicide watch. The video was found on one of the police officers phones and that’s how this video got out.
    I heard they both had been selling/ and or doing drugs. The police officers are in jail

  8. My only question is how did the video make it to the cops?? Don’t tell me h the is dude was too stupid to delete the video

  9. If the cop is watching this

    You made him bleed
    That's why your gonna bleed in hell
    You toutured others
    That's why your going to hell
    You even assult this man
    That's why your going to hell 😉

  10. Cops hate the mentally ill with a passion. Most mentally ill people wind up in prison only to be abused. Their crime, being ill and not being able to get help. If someone you know is having a mental health crisis, DO NOT call 911, they are likely to be killed.

  11. 2020 The Militia is coming and we will expose every Fucken tyrant home address and family members that live in there home kids wives husbands … WE THE PEOPLE ARE TIERED OF THESE CORRUPT COPS… Now the people will Protect them selves AR15 GLOCK19 hollow point one in the Chamber Fire Ready ☠️ NO BAD COP IS SAFE FROM THE 2020 MILITIA! We also will protect Good Cops ..


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