Family Food: One of a Kind Italian Deli Food at Tony's Beechhurst


In this episode of Family Food, we head to Tony’s Beechhurst in Whitestone, Queens to eat Italian deli food like no other. We meet Emilio and Jospehine Polito, immigrants who worked tirelessly to make Tony’s into the neighborhood staple that it is today.

Their three sons—Tommy, Mario, and Angelo—all work in the deli too, and will remember your name, your order, and be the first to tell you that nobody’s cooking compares with their mom’s. Getting to know the Politos is a true first glance into what it means to run a family business. Tony’s is their home. We just might move in, too.

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  1. It’s sad that good loving caring people like this are suffering and dying in Italy write now cuz of that virus god bless all of Italy from California…

  2. Whitestone is the part of New York City where you really don't want to be a New Yorker.
    You really want to be in Long Island.

  3. If I lived within 50 miles of this place I would go almost every day. This family and this food is as good as it gets. The people of Queens are very lucky.

  4. L'abbigliamento equitazione adatto per il tuo stile.
    Giacche, pantaloni e polo.


  5. Always 1 irish kid that gets taken in as family in an italian family 😂 I'm one of them I did the same thing and became part of the family. My boss is like my 2nd dad. He says the same shit to me. His wife always busts my balls saying I'm the son he never got to have. he has 3 daughters. 😂


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