Finding A New "Normal" & Baking Banana Bread


Finding A New “Normal” & Baking Banana Bread

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  1. If you sift chocolate chips in some flower before adding them to a batter it helps to keep them from sinking.🤍

  2. It would be cool if you did a game play video .Some game that you haven't tried before maybe a scary game or something story based .

  3. Obviously no pressure to vlog more at all but your vlogs really help my anxiety and brighten my day so I really appreciate what you’re doing Zoe, for my anxiety just kind of ignoring the news and just following government guidelines helps me so you carrying on as normal is very helpful for me x

  4. I’m in a distance relationship and we haven’t seen each other sin January. We were supposed to see each other tomorrow, but now we don’t now when we are going to be together. It makes me happy that the two of you are together!

  5. Chocolate chips that are made for baking are usually covered in a little bit of flour which makes them stay in place and not sink. These where probably not and that's why.

  6. I'd love to see more baking or cooking video! I love seeing you bake 🙂 Also I am loving the really long vlog.

  7. Would be cool if you ordered clothes/items from local shops and do a styling video of some sort. Just to support the smaller businesses who will be suffering from this (compared to ASOS etc. who must be thriving).

  8. My partner is a farmer and it makes me angry that farmers are not being recognised for still working and putting food on supermarkets shelves. So if it wasn't for them the whole world would be very hungry.

  9. Love the chilled, talk vibe vlog!! Regarding the banana bread, next time lightly coat the chocolate chips/chunks in flour to prevent sinking. This will work for any type of bake that requires chocolate chips being dispersed throughout! This also works if you want to add fruit bits.

  10. I have been binge watching yours and Alfie’s vlogs everyday. They make me feel normal and they comfort me. I listen to them if I’m working out or watch them if I want to relax. Thank you 💕

  11. Virtual ‘ultimate Brighton day’ – where you’d eat, what you’d do etc – inspiration for when all the madness is over!

  12. Please do another one of your pamper sesh videos. Love watching those and makes me want to indulge in some self care!
    Plus they're soooooo calming!

  13. U should one day edit alphie's video and he edits yours😂let's see if he can make your video less than🤔30

  14. Your the biggest sister to me😂 have been watching you since I was 13 (now 20) and you’ve got me through so much! So happy your back posting!! Missed u 💓💓 u inspired me and so I’ve started a channel..uploaded a ZARA HAUL yesterday and tbh think you would love some of the bits I got!! Please come take a look if you get the chance!! Xxx


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