Finding Meaning in KIDS


Of all the games I covered back in the last quarterly wrapup, the one I’ve had people talk to me about the most is KIDS. and as with most abstract, surreal games, the conversation always turns to asking “what does this game even mean?” So I went and did some thinking and talking about what meaning I found diving down its 20-minute rabbit hole.

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  1. Well, the video is so well made that when I finished it I couldn't believe that it has just 1500 views. Keep up the good work!

  2. It’s great to see this more abstract kind of game get a little more coverage! I played kids after you first mentioned it, and definitely had some reflective experiences with it. I probably spent more time contemplating the game than actually playing it, which I see as a good thing.

  3. Reminds me of Loneliness by (I think?) Jordan Magnuson. I think they've also got a couple other games that are minimalist and let you find your own meaning like this, but idk if any other is about crowds/social dynamics liek that.
    Great video as always!

  4. Cool, nice commentary. This kind of more conceptual games are not covered enough I think, probably cause most people are just not used to think about art in a more conceptual way, is hard.

    Like, you gotta interact with it, and I don't mean like clicking and stuff, but more like you would interact with a painting or a book, by imprinting meaning into it by your own subjectivity and THEN read what it make you feel and think now.
    Now, that's a hard thing to do and it require a level of self-knowledge, but that's exactly the cool thing, doing that make you better at it and it let you know you and the stuff around you better.
    KIDS is not like, the quintessential work of conceptual art, but is a nice piece and very atmospheric. It gives you a lot of room to think about each scene and how it make you feel and what it thoughts it evokes on you, and that's cool. Like a spark that make your brain start running.


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