Five Types of Commercial Agriculture [AP Human Geography: Unit 5 Topics 1 & 10]


This video will help you understand the different types of agriculture in the developed world. This video talks about mixed crop & livestock farming, commercial gardening, dairy production, grain farming, spring wheat belt, winter wheat belt, Mediterranean agriculture, and ranching! In order to make sure you remember all of the important information in the video consider purchasing my guided notes that go with the video. The notes help you focus on the important information and support the channel, so I can keep making more free content for you! Click the link below to buy the guided notes! They are only $1.50!

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***Information on the Guided Notes ***

1. What are guided notes?
– Guided notes are worksheets that have been made to follow along with the video. They are to help you remember what you learn and help you review the content in the video.

2. Why do I have to pay for them?
– Unfortunately, these videos are not free for me to make and take a considerable amount of time to make. While I understand that it is never fun to spend money, know that by spending just a couple dollars you help support the channel and make it possible for me (Mr. Sinn) to keep producing more content!

3. What happens after I pay on paypal?
– Once you purchase the guided notes for a video you will be able to download the guided notes right away!

4. Can I share the guided notes with others?
– If you purchase the guided notes they are only for your use. So please do not share the notes or post them online, this only hurts the channel and will make it so I cannot keep offering free videos or cheap guided notes.

5. What if I want to purchase the notes for my class?
– If you are interested in using the notes for your class I ask that you purchase at least four copies of the notes. This again helps support the channel and keeps the price down. If you had questions about how to use the videos for class, or if you needed more resources please feel free to contact me.

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