Footage shows chaotic scene as US Capitol locked down


Footage from Washington DC shows the chaos in the area near the US Capitol as a brief security lockdown was enforced. It has been reported that a woman shot by police outside the US Capitol after trying to ram through a security barrier in her car. A woman has reportedly been shot by police outside the US Capitol after trying to ram through a security barrier in her car.
The suspect reportedly led police on a car chase through the streets of Washington, beginning outside the White House and ending when she tried to drive through a blockade outside the Senate.
There was no indication that the incident was linked to terrorism and authorities believe the woman may be mentally unstable.

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  1. That said many cops are knuckle draggers. Hell , many of them survived Afghanistan with crazy people driving cars like that loaded with explosive devices. Again , no winners.

  2. She was mentally unstable & using a 3000 pound car as a weapon. She was armed. Very sad but maybe her child has a chance at a better life now. No winners here.

  3. The justice system currently lies somewhere between the barrel of your local law enforcement officers' gun, and the lies that bar you in a jail cell. This message isn't meant to scare you, it's meant to encourage you to pay attention. This is too: Your College student trying to get by in a world you left behind.
    P.S. Thanks for dumping your wasted existence on me and the generations to come, ass holes.

  4. To anyone that didn't get the memo, this is the scene after a woman tried to ram the white house gate. She was unarmed, had a one-year old child in the back seat, and the police officers shot into the vehicle. When the cops started shooting at her after she rammed the gate, she tried to flee. She most likely feared for her babies life and took off. When they boxed her in, they shot and killed her, once again firing into the vehicle. The police in 'Merica shoot to kill, no questions asked.


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