Fractured Netflix Movie Review


Fractured is the brand new 2019 Netflix original movie that stars Sam Worthington! Today, I review and explain my thoughts on the film, spoiler free of course.
Let me know what you thought of the ending!
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  1. I think people say the ending was disappointing because they wanted the family to be alive but I think we should agree that the twist at the end was kinda cool….

  2. I thought that fractured was pretty good, got to watch it with my friend and we were on our toes with every twist and turn, and the end was pretty bone chilling for me

  3. That disappointing. I think 42 is too low. And am pretty sure that everyone is going to see the ending coming or just you l will give it 70

  4. I was not overthinking while I was watching(for it will ruin the experience)but my instincts were all over the place

    At first, there were hints that the hospital was indeed hiding secrets.. So I rooted for him.. I wouldn't think he was imagining things just because of how people interacts with him

    Then the psychiatrist came to the scene then I became convinced that he is actually mentally ill. I thought it has something to do with Abby tho.

    But when the dog appeared, he became confident that he is sane. So I rooted for him again. His efforts at the hospital were believable and when he saw the horrors at the lower level, I thought he was actually sane.

    But then he saw his family being operated on, I then thought it was too good to be true but I wanted to believe it was tho.

    The ending was dark. He lost 4 people who means the world to him and him denying all of it, THAT'S THE DEVESTATING PART!

  5. The movie ends at 12:21.
    The movie editor is a BOSS for trolling Netflix.
    "I'm just gonna leave the snip-it in, the hot intern is giving me the eye". -BOSS

  6. I mean the whole movie was spent convincing you that ray is crazy the entire time and its not until the very end that the twist comes in that he's not actually crazy…..but then they twist again and make him crazy again..

  7. The film ending would have been way more satisfying if at the final take of the road after the car passes through the camera, a gunshot was heard in the wind. That would not be necessary a happy closure, but a closure nonetheless.

  8. What if the ending was the way it was except the hospital was actually harvesting organs? So he’s a madman that accidentally killed his daughter and wife and unveiled the hospitals harvesting ring.

  9. But something that still makes the hospital seem sketchy is why did the security guard attack him in the elevator if he had nothing to hide. If there was nothing to hide he should’ve just let him go to the lower level and look around.

  10. So I’m like a little high… but I just watched this and I enjoyed it but it would’ve been sick if it was aliens. I’m high

  11. I picked up on his black outs where he just stared into nothing and everything was quiet and blank. I knew he was messed up in the head , whether mentally ill or just a psycho (which we can argue as a mental health issue but we won’t start that lmao) . I was confused here and there, and I was believing the harvesting to be real, but I knew the craziness was real too. I wasn’t expecting it to be that he actually killed his family, though. I truly thought that the editing in the movie was so good, that the scenes looked so real. Good movie. A lot of twists but could have been better

  12. i REALLY like the ending, especially that creepy smile at the end by ray. imo it shows that he actually knew what happened but continues to live this fantasy

  13. They should have left the ending as it was, he wasn't crazy and the hospital was actually secretly harvesting people's organs. Instead the director changed his mind and it is revealed in the last 2 minutes of the movie that he WAS crazy and the hospital WASN'T actually secretly harvesting people's organs.

  14. I was looking for a review of Fracture with Anthony Hopkins — when you started explaining the plot I thought, “holy shit, it’s been a while since I’ve seen this… but I don’t remember it being like that at all, what the hell?!” then I realized the difference in the titles. I’m going to check this out though — I’m glad I clicked on this! I liked your review & am officially your newest subscriber.

  15. My roommate: "Were you surprised by the ending?"

    Me: "No; I've already seen The Sixth Sense, The Machinist, Memento, The Others, and The Laughing Woman."

  16. Spoiler alert: He threw that rock at his daught and dived after her?? Ending was pretty creepy tho.Just took a boy of the operating with him in the car.The same car where his death wife and kid were in.

  17. I knew the whole story line just from the CT scan in the beginning and when he turned around when his wife was yelling at him after they fell. Too predictable.

  18. Nope, i refuse to believe that ray is crazy. I refuse to believe his daughter is dead. Didnt happen. They just tried to make everyone believe that to cover up. So much that ray almost believes it himself sometimes.

  19. My spoilerish review ….This movie actually really surprised me, it's well shot, well acted, and builds great tension. I'll admit I figured out the twist immediately which I thought would ruin the film, but to my surprise actually added more for me. I found myself questioning reality the same way Ray did, and flipped my prediction a handful of times over the course of the film. Of course like I said, it turns out I was right from the start but the fact that the film caused me to question my own instincts for 90 min means it ultimately achieved it's goal. 7/10 (Good but not Great)

  20. There’s a bunch of shit I hated

    1. The scarf, literally the only reason the scarf was there was to make the audience think there was some sort of hope the family is still there, in the surveillance he doesn’t have the scarf it’s just magically there.

    2. His alcoholism and Abby, they spent a fair amount of screen time foreshadowing that maybe the family doesn’t even exist but after the second half starts it goes nowhere.

    It’s a movie that panders and throws in cheap plot holes to drive the audience away from the facts

  21. The movie wasn't that predictable, it surprised me many times. For a moment I though he has invented his wife and daughter, just like John Nash imagined his student friend and his daughter for years in A Beautiful Mind, but when we saw his daughter and wife actually were at the basement, I though he was right after all. But I wasn't convinst. What really happened at the construction site? Was there no dog there? If not why did he throw stones that hit his daughter? Did he just imagined a dog and tried to save her? Did he jump after her the way we saw in the film? How did his wife fall down there too? Did they argue and fell when one of them pushed the other over the edge? This part is still uncertain to me…

  22. I really “Fractured” I was surprised at the end. I was actually disappointed when I though he “Saved” his family and it had a happy ending. I like how dark and messed up it was, but I like dark psychological thrillers.

    I really like how it showed that reality is really in the eye of the beholder. I really like how everyone looked so “Guilty” and him so innocent.

    As to the movie not having a resolution I don’t agree. Of course he will get caught and go to jail.

    Thing I didn’t like: This is 2019, who has printed pictures of their family on their wallets? Maybe grandpa’s. If he wanted to prof he had a family he just had to opened his Facebook/Instagram and show them pictures/videos of what they ate that morning. The little girl with that outdated game/music thing that uses batteries, come on. What kind of game was that and let’s say that was a real game, the mom would have given her, her cell phone to shut her up.

    Overall I like the movie a lot. They did a great job as making the viewer feel bad for him, specially with the attitude and pressure the wife always had on him, I wanted her to die five minutes into the movie lol.

  23. I think this movie would’ve been sooo much better if he wasn’t crazy and the hospital rlly was harvesting organs…FAR BETTERRRR


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