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*To activate your Free $3 gift card, Just scan one receipt on the Fetch rewards app. Basically this just means, take a picture of one grocery or drug store receipt using the fetch rewards app, and you’ll have earned your gift card. It takes 30 seconds to do.
After you scan your receipt, go to the rewards tab in the app and choose your gift card. Its that easy. The whole process takes about 60 seconds.

If you have at least $10 in points, I’ll show you how your double your points and turn them into food! If your starting out without points, that’s okay! This scenario will still work for you, but will require you to begin with $10.

💥If you have EBT, use ebt to purchase the candy & then use the Reward to purchase other essential needs. This is a great way to stretch your EBT.

💥Do I need Multiple Phone numbers?
No, you can use the same phone number multiple times. 😊

💥Can I use my Reward to purchase more candy & receive ANOTHER reward?
According to Walgreens policy, no.
Unfortunately, you cannot use the register reward to obtain the same deal again. That would allow customers to do back to back transactions on the candy and purchase large quantities. For this reason, you cannot use a reward to gain the same reward. I hope this helps.

💥Can I use a coupon and a Register Reward?
Yes. However each coupon needs an item to attach to. If you look at the top of your register reward it will say “manufacturer coupon”. Because it is a manufacturer coupon, you cannot use it with a another coupon on the same item. It is not possible to use two manufacturer coupons on one item.
So if you were Picking up for instance one bottle of Arm & Hammer detergent. If you have an Arm & Hammer coupon and a register reward coupon you would need to items. 2 coupons need to items. Even if the 2nd item is not a high value item. This is called a filler item.

💥”This isnt free… had to spend money didnt you?…”
You are buying candy. The $1.99 reward is a FREE bonus. The items that you purchase thereafter are free. You can go into any store and make a purchase. That store is not going to give you anything back to make another purchase of your choosing. For instance, go to another store and purchase the same bag of candy. You will not receive your money back in paper form.
Therefore you are paying for the candy, however, receiving any thing after – and buying something with the funds that were received is a bonus.

💥If you have at least $10 in points, this video will show you how to double your points and turn them into food! If you’re starting out WITHOUT points, that’s okay! This scenario will still work for you, but will require you to begin with $10.

💥The best way to do this deal & spend $0 of your own money, would be to PAY WITH POINTS.

💥How do you pay with points?
Always ask the cashier if you have points. If you do, your transaction could end up being completely free AND you will still get your $1.99 Register Reward back when you pay with points.

💥Why would I have points? How would I have earned them?
When you make purchases at Walgreens, some of your purchases will earn points. These points add up on your walgreens account. You could be Walgreens rich and not even know.

💥How can I find out if I have points?
Your points balance is displayed at the bottom of your receipt.
You can also download the Walgreens app and log in to view your points balance.

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💖To order Pre clipped coupons

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I used my points and bought 5 gummies. Paid 99 cents each and got my rewards bucks. Got all kinds of back to school snacks for the kiddos. I used my left over points. Four full bags of snacks and drinks . I only paid $0.05 OOP! USED MY DIGITALS AND SOME PAPER COUPONS. This was my best deal to date. Now to load my receipts to fetch.

  2. Can you use a register reward from a different transaction to pay for those candy and still get the rr from the candy?

  3. I’m a 15 yr old and I’m planning to start couponing 🤩 I’m just trying be efficient and help my family save money 🥰 any advice/tips

  4. So let's say you have gummys and another item that gives you Walgreens money will they give you both of the rewards or just one?

  5. One boo-boo. The sandwich bags sale is Buy One Get TWO Free. I'm cashier @ walgreens. Your videos save me $, really appreciate the clear, no nonsense presentation.
    Definately gonna check & signup for the receipt scan thingy you mentioned. Keep doin' what you do, and thank you!

  6. What if you bought the gummy’s, scanned the receipts and the returned them, you would get your scan and the 1.99 coupons

  7. You are totally my favorite youtuber! I used 4 of the $1.99 rr from the gummies and 3 dig coupons and got 2 arm&hammer detergents, 2 ganier fructis conditioners, and 3 deodorants. I only pd $3.99!! Thank you!

  8. Girl thanks be to God for your wisdom and knowledge, because it is helping me out, because I am going to get some back to school stuff for a home, and you just give me an excellent idea. Thanks so much.

  9. So if it has to be at least 1.99 and the laundry detergent is 1.98 do you have to get another item for each one? Say I get 5 laundry detergents do I need five more items to cover the rest?


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