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Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having an affair with his finance Karen.

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  1. Movie is good… Still has me perplexed on the middle seen and the ending twist. Seems like they put one seen befor hand, like the seen in the painting auction, should have been placed afterwards some where. Then came outta nowhere, the sister they thru in that didnt make no sense. Who the hell did he shoot and who did he hit in the bathroom? Also what is he being charged with? The ending is really untimely rushed and not precisely thought out into focus. I STILL HAVE TO SAY, IT HAD MY ATTENTION.

  2. I heard the gun went off I thought that it was Kenny who got shot. Who got shot? R it's just the sister he killed….was a little confused at the end

  3. Kenny from close friends has a receding hair line and you women in the comments gassing it saying he fine FINE WHERE just cause he's lightskin yall saying this he's ugly

  4. Salahe dewe nduwe gula kok ora kok cicipi, akire gulone sing ireng iku dijukuk wong liyo . Bhs ingrs ku yo ngene iki critone iki

  5. Are you trying to send him back? Out by the beach counselor was a """"" provoking Kenny or no talent as a counselor punk see counselor changed his flavor after spying into Kenny record "punk"

  6. Her hubby has a great career, treats her well, and he's attractive enough, so what is she doing? Why tf do cheaters cheat…

  7. I can't get into it. He's cute, but short with a receding hairline (equivalent to all the ladies they clown for having no edges). Guess this is how guys feel when a woman is pretty in the face, but fat, or nice body, but ugly face 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  8. Yes this movie was too good! Handsome Kenny. Does look like Duane Martin for real. It was some what confusing movie but was really good. That therapist terrible actor!!!! Lol

  9. Everyone: KENNY IS SO CUTE 😍

    Me: ……?

    Also me: WHO TF IS KENNY???

    And also me: ohhhhhhhhh… now I know who he is. Bruhhhh he ain’t even that cute tho????

  10. Friday January 7th 2020 I'm watching after reading comments, some are confused and some are happy. Lemme see i fall under which ones🙄btw it's 1:32am in Southy🇿🇦 insomnia killing me.


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