From spine surgery to running a half-marathon


Jorge Partida tried to ignore the numbness in his right hand, arm and then foot. But it wasn’t until the 23-year-old’s vision became blurry and he had trouble breathing that he sought care. The emergency physicians at UCI Medical Center ruled out a stroke, but a scan of his neck and spine turned up a rare tumor growing on his spinal cord.

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  1. I had an accident and due to that I have a serious spine injury, I can't feel my legs when I woke up in the morning, going for surgery soon hope I can run again.

  2. This is stupid just cos he had spine surgery doesn't mean he has nerve damage of his ambulatory skills ? He was lucky that's all

  3. And soon on to another surgery, my neurosurgeon said if you'd like to have a second Fusion done, do squats do deadlifts and become a jogger.

  4. I'm 16 with spinal surgery😞its only been 2 mounts out of surgery my liver was pushed gents my spine please tell me I can run again


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