FULL EPISODE: Ultimate Guide to the Presidents – Executive Retreat 1865-1901 | History


Several presidents in a row lack vision for the future, and the office loses impact. From Part 4 of the series. #UltimateGuidetothePresidents
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  1. President Grant's idea of employing people through a Federal Public Work program, is like FDR's CCC. Creating inflation not only failed Grant, but again under Hoover.

  2. Andrew Johnson often overrode/bypassed Congress … Andrew Johnson pardoned many members of the Confederacy … And Congress tried to impeach Andrew Johnson … Hmm 🤔 … Sounds like a 19-Century Trump to me!

  3. All of these people are fake news, just trying to get paid for making false statements, they don't show how they got inversions?

  4. Andrew Johnson (2:06–13:16)
    Ulysses S. Grant (13:17–21:39)
    Rutherford B. Hayes (21:40–26:35)
    James A. Garfield (26:36–27:32)
    Chester A. Arthur (27:33–30:17)
    Grover Cleveland [FIRST TERM] (30:18–32:32)
    Benjamin Harrison (32:33–34:42)
    Grover Cleveland [SECOND TERM] (34:43–36:39)
    William McKinley (36:40–44:22)

  5. Grant really gets a bad wrap by these southern historians. I studied the guy, he did far more good then bad. The corruption wasn't him, it was businessmen who infiltrated his cabinet.


  7. I love how the History Channel leaves out the fact that Chester A. Arther signed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. No praise necessary!

  8. Very very appropriate time to release this on YouTube considering that we've not had a president who was strong AND for the common people since Kennedy until now.

  9. The Democrat KKK tried to stop the newly freed blacks from voting, the Republican NRA helped the newly freed blacks protect themselves.

  10. I wonder what is going to be said about President Trump and the Railroading Democrats in Congress trying to impeach him for no apparent credible evidence. Trump2020

  11. And now this other cat: "for the first time the election would hinge on the electoral count not the popular."

    The presidency has always hinged on the electoral count. The popular vote May coincide with it, but it has always been inconsequential. the popular vote has never, and I repeat never, decided the presidency of the United States.

    Is this the history channel? It seems more like 3rd grade public School social studies class, on a day when there is a substitute teacher.

  12. Did that imbecile just say did the 1873 recession happen because the government was too small?

    What school of economic illiteracy spawned that moron?

  13. Arthur gave us civil service reform, he refurbished the Navy, he cut the budget. He also defended a Black woman, when he was a lawyer, who was the Rosa Parks of her day, & the verdict ended segregation of the trolley cars. 🙂

  14. Andrew Johnson & Donald Trump thought they could do whatever they wanted, they didn't feel they needed to consult Congress. Both were megalomaniacs. 😐

  15. Andrew Johnson & Donald Trump have a lot in common. Both were racists, both were demougages, both blamed congress for the divisions in the country. Both made horrible Inaugration speeches.

    Instead of healing a nation, both men polarized the country further.

    The only difference is that Johnson was a self made man. 😐

  16. I like the work that went behind this series, but it's actually quite mediocre. This series does not do the Presidency any justice and misses the mark in many ways. Also seems to be written to cater towards the SJW audience.

  17. Wait a president or succession of presidents who did not treat the presidency as a temporary kingship. This is a problem how?


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