Full Time Couponer Saves Over $600 On Organic Food | Extreme Couponing


Full-time couponer, Julie, is challenged to make extreme coupon savings on organic food without exceeding a $150 budget. Watch her and her team of teens fill up their baskets and watch the dollars roll-off their total at the cash register.

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  1. This lady annoyed me. This young guy did the right thing and removed himself from a stressful situation and she forced him to do stuff. She annoyed me sooo bad it isn’t funny

  2. I work at residential treatment center with teenage boy. She was being so rude/ impatient with them. The young men I work with would of never dealt with that. Props to those young men for being so calm

  3. FINALLY!!!!! An episode with quality foods! Produce and organic items and not the usual sports drinks and ramen noodles. PLEASE GIVE JUKIE HER OWN SHOW! I want to learn how to coupon at Whole foods and for produce and quality products!

  4. People who don't have Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) often say freely that they have it just because it seems to give them free rein to be pedantic. This fully grown adult is trying to get a job at an underage sober living residential care facility, she's surrounded by vulnerable young people who are no doubt battling some major mental health, mental illness, and addiction issues, and she's basically throwing a tantrum over how the two teen boys are helping her stack the carts? All she had to do was stop, explain why she needs items stacked a certain way, and potentially bloody teach them something. Instead, she increased their anxiety, frustrated them, and made one want to exit the situation rather than become confrontational. She shouldn't be alone with these kids again without first going through some major accredited training around working with children, young people, and vulnerable people.

  5. made it's just me but the guy is really dedicated to let the boys change their life… I hope those kids are doing well today

  6. the best video i saw was a family of 9 bought 1000 usd worth of groceries and ended up paying only 48 usd. they should have coupons like this for every country. i live in uae for 10+ years and we dont have coupons. would be nice to save money on groceries.


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