Fundamental of IT – Complete Course by Google || IT course for Beginners


In this course you will learn the most basic of Information technology. No matter you are complete beginner or want to be IT professional, then this IT fundamental course is the right
course for you to start. You will learn everything you need to know about IT. You will learn each and every basic of IT and develop strong skill and understanding of information technology.

Credit: The creator of this contents is Google ( Team: Grow with Google )
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
You can take this professional certificate here:

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  2. i have a question why people called CD(compact disk) as CD ROM because CD ROM i think inside PC which can only read or write data from CD(compact disk) CD ROM not them self store data they only read or write data from CD but why all of the world called CD ROM is storage device(memory) storage device is only i think CD only not CD drive or CD Rom these two are separate things.

  3. Why was everything so easy when there was no criminals there? Why is technology breeding criminals to show off? I want my device which I purchase as mine and all criminals shut in jail. They get well before they are left to serve. Imagine corona serving.. You morons kill life..And shit is allowed on roads. Where's privacy??Where's my device which I can shut even to Microsoft or Android. They should serve not dominate another human. It's becoming increasingly devastating. Serve or perish. Device should be individuals property. Not a hub for scoundrel.

  4. This Guy is the best instructor I've come across in Computer Training. He is very Knowledgeable about the History of Computer and he delivers the Details with such clarity and calmness you are drawn into the subject and don't want to miss a thing.

  5. 30 minutes in & I learn a lot so far. I'm almost 34 and All my life I never understood computers or technology wow! You breaking it down so easy

  6. Do you have this video/training in spanish?, if yes how can i find it?. thank you and by the way awesome video and guys.

  7. How long is total course video for actual Coursera+Google IT Support Certification?
    If anyone has taken it please let me know – I am interested

  8. IT support is the backbone of your digital infrastructure. Thank you for the video! I would recommend for IT and digital marketing:

  9. the matrix nothing you can invade my state causing homelessness not eco friendly at all seminars maybe but you guys are weird


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