Gabby Douglas Speaks Out Following Hateful Social Media Bullying


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The 20 year old athlete has received some major backlash during the games and despite the fact that she tried to rise about and “stay off the internet,” she noted that the negativity did affect her. She told ET QUOTE “Either it was about my hair or my hand not over my heart [on the medal podium] or I look depressed…It was hurtful. It was hurtful. It was. It’s been kind of a lot to deal with.”
“I’ve always said it was an honor to represent the U.S. You always do this for your country, and then, like people say, for yourself and other people.”
Gaby was huge stand out at the London Olympics four years ago and this time around she’s struggled a bit, coming in 7th on the uneven bars instead of 1st. She admitted that QUOTE “In my head, I pictured it a little bit differently. You want to picture yourself being on top and doing amazing gymnastics.” Gaby – girl – I still want to congratulate you on being 7th in the world at something most of us couldn’t even attempt. The gymnast received flack for not putting her hand over her heart during the national anthem and for looking like she wasn’t happy to be supporting her teammates from the stands and social media trolls dubbed her “Crabby Gabby.” Criticism was so bad in fact, Gabby explained herself saying I apologize if [I seemed] really mad in the stands. I wasn’t. I was supporting Aly [Raisman]. And I always will support them and respect them in everything they do. I never want anyone to take it as I was jealous or I wanted attention. Never. I support them, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t showing it.
Is it just me or do people on social media need to calm DOWN. Life’s too short to be so negative – so what do you all say we spread some love in the comments section here. Congratulate Gabby on being a gold medalist and for repping team USA. When you’re done with that click here to see us throw it way back Olympics style with a bunch of celebs I bet you guys didn’t know were athletes! Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver, I’m Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you later!

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  1. Her hair wasn't even bad looking. So what if she don't have edges like a white or biracial women. Her hair don't embarrass me and I'm as black as her with the same type of hair.

    Edit: And I don't get relaxers so no one even come under my comment accusing me of wearing weaves or relaxers.

  2. Even at her very best some people will find something to be negative about. Here's one American who is proud to have Miss Douglas represent the United States in the Olympics.

  3. Gabby don't worry about your haters, they only make you stronger, your doing what alot of people can't. Love you Girl you rock.

  4. I wish they leave that young woman alone… She is Highly Beautiful and Very Pretty… I'll chooes her over Beyonce, Nicki Minaj or any big booty video vixen there is… Gabby Douglas is at the top of the list of women I Adore… She is "Golden"

  5. Just to clarify, Gabby Douglas actually came in last (8th place) during the uneven bars final in London. So her coming in 7th in the bar final in 2016 was actually an improvement. I assume they're actually referring to her all around win in 2012, but in any case, she still won an Olympic gold medal in the team so I don't think that's in any way an unsuccessful olympics.

  6. People has this all wrong, gabby has been acting strangly since after her comeback, simply because shes jealous of simone, it may sound a bit stupid to some of youll who like her but for the ones who clever enough , they would understand what am really talking about, back at the 2015 US secret classic they first time simone gabby and ally competed, at the end as many may recall simone placed first runner up and gabby was behind her, at the interview gabby has been saying i give myself a B after tonight, and oh she still has to work more on her consistency etc…., but what has been the problem with gabby is that she know simone is better than her by miles and because she know she was the olympic all around at 2012 olympic games she wanted it to become a repeat of that, so shes a bit jealous and she know simone is there to block her from achieving that so shes a bit upset and stressed out, people go watch the preview of GLASGOW,, and youll would see how cocky he is to simone and nobody else, GO watch the preview of RIO OLYMPIC GAMES, no wonder why she has been looking very sad , because shes upset that simone is now getting all the fame that she once had at london and even more better than her by having alot of US national trophies and world medels . you notice simone is the only person she moves cocky with.

  7. Gabby doesn't deserve any hate at all. She is an amazing person and an amazing gymnast. The way she handled all the hate was very mature. People should appreciate her. She had won three Olympic gold medals. That is quite an accomplishment. Gabby is a talented, kind, mature younger lady. She doesn't deserve any hate. A majority of the people hating on her can't do a quarter of what she can do. Gabby, you inspired me to start gymnastics. For that and representing the United States, I thank you. We love you!

  8. Hi my name is Darren and I am a 12 year old boy who does gymnastics Gabby Douglas inspired me to do it I don't have vary many friends and people judge me about it they say it is a girls sport but I think any one can do it I am not vary good at any thing but the bars PS I am a fan

  9. if they should be complaining about anyone it should be alaina kwan and Kylie rei dickson representing team Belarus when they have never even visited the country!! shame on their parents. shame on artur akopyan for allowing it. that is the most un American thing ever. not good enough to make your country's team so you flop??? GABBY DESERVED HER OLYMPIC SPOT AND IS AMAZING

  10. Those people who tried to tear this human being down because of her race, and even those of her own race about her hair… plz… They are reacting to the fact that Gabby's character, charisma, fortitude, and success have amplified our personal, spiritual, and racial flaws as bipartisan countrymen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Just accept the fact that like the FOX, many of us tend to call the grapes that we can't get sour. Huh! 'Our forefathers murderously took the supposedly new world from someone because it is covetously our land.' In this case though, Gabby earned her sweet grapes in fair game .

    Not to digress, but now they have their sights set on space looking for alien life, a second Earth to steal again. I wonder where would they get the slaves from this time? Hmmm… I got a feeling that this time though they will be f*cked, if not before.

    Nevertheless, Gabby as a person of color, a woman and best of all a human being, has done us as the USA proud. We should be grateful. Thank you Gabby. Congratulations are in order to her mom, family and the national USA gymnastic body because, Gabby Rocks!

  11. Gabby is the best accident happen she didn't put her hand on her heart or bad facial expressions or not supporting all those haters just back off I doubt you could half she can do

  12. Gabby Douglas is really inspiring to me and I love her. I think she is supper supporting and I would love to meet her #❤ you Gabby

  13. Unfortunatley, social media has given a voice to "losers" and "haters" our society is full of them! if you have nothing nice or uplifting to say, then keep it to yourself!

  14. SMH….. Societal treatment of her is nothing but Psychological ABUSE…. common here in USA. The moment you take a stand against a social norm you become this matrix demon. FOH!!! Good for her…she took a stand.

  15. Gabby you have nothing to apologize for. continue to be you and live your life let the haters hate it's not like they get paid for it

  16. Americans are just hateful, period. Something is badly wrong with this country and we have the nerve to stick our nose in other Nation's issues. Hey America, why not handle our own problems first !? Lead by example !

  17. a fair few people in my country's team have also been bullied, i just like to see them bullies try what they have done, people will just find stupid things to bully people over


  19. Gabby is a beautiful looking girl,, and the rest of them weaving wearing queens are jealous of Gabby natural beauty…. You go Gabby!!!


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