GameVice Is Attempting To DESTROY The Nintendo Switch AGAIN!


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  1. Can GameVice just, I dunno… Perish!? And re-earthing the Wikipad case? What is this financial masochism they are putting themselves under?

  2. There's no way these guys are gonna win cuz the joycons are separate, unlike the gamevice. And the joycons slide into the switch, unlike the gamevice where the tablet slides into the controller

  3. Is it just me or people that are hating on Gamevice are being a bit harsh. I don’t love their products or anything, and I think this situation is also pretty dumb as well, but I don’t think that means you can attack them for being stupid and irrelevant if know nothing about them.

  4. Im sorry but your gamevice is in in any castle
    Nintendo: You can make a gamevice
    But you can not make another switch likes our

  5. GameVice can’t just fk off man. There’s no respect now a days. Imagine being a sh*tty company that threatens the company that literally has made the childhoods of many children…

  6. To be honest I really wish GameVice wins the lawsuit! Nintendo needs a taste of their own medicine. Nintendo likes to throw copyright strikes and cease and desist all over the place for the most minor things. Even illegally a lot of the times. Hope they get screwed and GameVice can stick it to them

  7. Tbh their controller addon for the iphone isnt that bad…but the the other thing that he was talking about looks like doodoo butter.

  8. Such a dumb move from GameVise since all our hands are either left and or right; so are our fingers thus it makes sense to place the controls left and or right on a handheld gaming device,…. seriously! 😅🤣😁

  9. Gamevice is trying to sue Nintendo for the controllers that attach to iPhones not for whatever that thing was you showed on screen and while they do have similarities, gamevice is just being dumb trying to sue Nintendo and I am wondering if Nintendo will counter sue them


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