Genomics: Towards a Healthier You


NHGRI social and behavioral researcher Barbara Biesecker talks about the importance of family history in predicting disease risk for single gene disorders and complex genetic disorders. The singer and performer T-Boz shares her personal story about living with sickle cell anemia as one example of genetic health issues. Ms. Biesecker highlights the use of genetic testing and reasons whether or not to be tested. The career of a genetic counselor is highlighted.

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  2. It's time to update this video. Try neutral colors clothing, it's hard to pay attention to the subject when her bright red shirt is louder than her. Soothing voice would be recommended with almost no stuttering. Hire a professional actor. There are times when she looks down to read the notes and there are times when she nods her head all the way down. It was difficult to pay attention with all that unnatural movements. And her head going side to side with voice increasing in volume when she begins sentences. The camera crew going side to side? Why? Is there something interesting about her ears? Keep it in front, it's too distracting. Overall not a good video. I watched this because it was recommended for my quiz, but I think i'll just fail it because I don't want to watch this again.


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