Get Fit, Eat Better and Lose Weight with HealthifyMe||Nidhi Katiyar


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Hi Guys,

Here I am with two life changing apps – HealthifyMe and Google Fit.
HealthifyMe combines technology and the latest in medical science to deliver the best in fitness and weight loss solution for our clients.

The best part is that it has calories count of indian food.


β€’ Set your goal: Be it weight loss, exercising more or eating healthy, the app builds a tailored program for a healthier you.
β€’ Calorie Tracking: Log your diet and exercise activities to know the calories consumed and burned. The app features the world’s first Indian calorie counter and includes a GPS tracker. Get contextual feedback and remain on a healthy track.
β€’ Coach Connect*: A team of nutritionists, fitness trainers & yoga instructors provide custom-built diet & exercise plans. They are also available for one-on-one virtual counselling and are always connected with you via messages/ WhatsApp.
β€’ Connect Devices and Apps: The app syncs activity and sleep data by seamlessly integrating with YUFIT, Google Fit, Mi Band (via Google Fit) and Fitbit to help you keep track of your progress

Lose Weight with HealthifyMe! Say hello to a Fitter, healthy you!


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  1. If u r really luking to reduce weight than don't go for it , it's not helpful,, I have gone this but not helpful, they r going to charge u a lot ,, if u r going for this .tale it on your risk…there r so many conditions- first, book coach call , than only they will call. Many more problems

  2. The first of list that how much calorie u have intake !!! Do we have 2 cross thAt limit or just need to complete it as if it requies 1400 so do we need to consune 1400 or more or less ??


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