h-encore Tutorial for Mac / PS Vita 3.65 – 3.68 Hack / install + enso + trophy fix


This is my first attempt at a complete and organized video, sorry if it sucks!

-On July 1st 2018, Vita hacking scene guru TheFloW released the first exploit to enable Henkaku on Vita systems with OFW 3.65, 3.67, and 3.68, this awesome new hack is called “h-encore”!

-In this tutorial video, I’ll be showing you how to setup and install h-encore on a Mac, although Windows users can still follow along and use my simplified zip.
-My “h-encore_mini.zip” is a slimmed down version of the original package already done through step 6, letting you start at step 7 of the GitHub readme, and resulting in a finished PCSG90096 folder of only 16.9mb! (link #5 below).
-Or you can download the “h-encore_full.zip” to finish from step 7 as originally intended, this should result in a 254.6mb folder. (Honestly the mini zip works perfectly and the full is a waste of time).
-After getting h-encore running, I’ll also show you how to install enso for 3.65 users and how to do the trophy fix for 3.67/3.68 users.

-IMPORTANT- Please do not use this video alone, you should thoroughly read and follow the official GitHub readme which is the first link below. It includes a FAQ which should answer most of your questions.
-If you are on 3.65 then you can still get enso (auto Henkaku on boot), but 3.67+ cannot (must rerun the h-encore app after each boot).


-1. TheFloW’s GitHub page for h-encore:

-2. QCMA Download page (Use the Yosemite DL link for High Sierra)(Links seem to be down, check 2a & 2b below):

-2a. Upload of QCMA for Yosemite:

-2b. Official GitHub release page with 4.1(High Sierra ver maybe?):

-3. Yifanlu’s psvimgtools GitHub release page:

-4. AID to Key Converter:

-5. My simplified & cut down “h-encore_mini.zip”:

-6. My simplified original “h-encore_full.zip”:

-7. enso for 3.65 (do not use with 3.67+):

-8. Funter (show hidden files app for Mac):


Terminal Commands (to make it easier, you can copy the commands from here so you don’t forget to add the “./”):

./psvimg-create -n app -K YOUR_KEY app PCSG90096/app

./psvimg-create -n appmeta -K YOUR_KEY appmeta PCSG90096/appmeta

./psvimg-create -n license -K YOUR_KEY license PCSG90096/license

./psvimg-create -n savedata -K YOUR_KEY savedata PCSG90096/savedata


-I’m glad to help anyone who is interested in hacking their Vita, but these videos do take a lot of time and effort to make, so any donations would be tremendously appreciated!
-Help me improve the quality of future videos!


-I’m planning to make a lot more Vita hacking tutorial videos, specifically for Mac users, so if you have any requests or recommendations just leave a comment below!

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  1. For anyone having trouble downloading QCMA, I've updated the description with new links -2a & -2b.

    Also if you're on 3.65 and you get any warning prompts to update, just use the Henkaku DNS settings.
    Go to Network Settings>"Your WiFi Name">Advanced Settings> and change the DNS to Manual, then set Primary DNS to:
    After this make sure to reboot and then you should stop seeing the update message!

  2. bro i get the fucking thing on the terminal not directory or file when i do the cd command with the mini h encore

  3. Thanks for uploaded this tour, i got psvita recently try to install h-encore i spend a lot of time on this but
    it didn't work out could you help me please, 3.73 on mac

  4. Thanks for the tutorial Sir Charles!!, keep it up and thanks a bunch for downsizing that file to a mini. You should continue to do tutorials on how to add or update apps for vita or any other systems if you know how to. Plus it seems that you know how to since you knew what files to remove to get the mini to work. Keep it up.. got my like, comment, and subscription..!! thanks again and don't stop. Cheers.!

  5. Amazing! Thank you! A+++++++ so detailed and got my system running great! Thank you for making the Hencore Mini it helped me A LOT.

  6. ethicalaid,com are legit and professional,, within 45 mins i received a transaction of 10000 dollars from them through PayPal.

  7. every time i connet content manager it says i need an update so people said to put this dns in network settings but i doesn’t work any ideas on how to bypass 3.70 update plz help

  8. im consistently getting the update message when i plug my vita into my mac to try to move H-encore. please help 🙁

  9. thanks for the vid, but my 3.67 vita keeps thinking it's on latest firmware, whether i try to update via wifi or pc, how do i get round this please? (i have PSVUPDAT.PUP for 3.68 on pc)

  10. Not sure if anyone can help, I followed all the steps, I used the mini download ( My simplified & cut down "h-encore_mini.zip") and i have h-encore on my Vita (1000 phat fw 3.65). However when i try and start it i get this app0:resourcesoundbgmBGM_KEIKAI.at9 pop up. I click ok (nothing else can be done) afterwords the demo of the game starts, Bitter Smile. What have i done wrong??? Thanks Sir Charles for a Mac version tutorial.

  11. hello @Sir Charles how do you turn the pkg2zip.exe files into a unix binaries? because when I download mine it was .exe file thanks!

  12. thanks man would recommend you to anyone love it keep it up and don't give up your doing the best for tutorials on the mac for ps vita loved it thanks

  13. Every time I try to refresh database in qcma it says "no ps vita is registered", I tried to look everywhere but don't get a solid answer what do I do?


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