He Invented a NEW "Spell Cycle" Deck & Got Top 100!


New Spell Cycle Deck | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Watch, New Giant Skeleton Deck,

Clash Royale’s new, crazy spell cycle deck is on display in today’s video on to ladder ft. TimTim! It’s spell cycle without rocket?! How?! Why?!! Today we’ll find out! Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve been playing clash for 4 years, but I lost my first account around the second year which sucked, but I’ve passed that account already, and luckily I didn’t spend any money on it

  2. I use barbarians. My deck is barbarian, princess, ice spirit, bats, megaminion, skeleton army, zap, and goblin barrel. I have gotten to 5840 with this deck.

  3. Anyone remember that spell cycle deck ash shared with ice wiz nado cycle cards knight rocket and poison? That was a fun one

  4. I’ve been playing clash for about 3 years and have lost accounts and gained accounts. Rn I have 2 active accounts. My main is level 10 and I’m currently using a Mega Knight electro wiz cycle deck at 2.8 average elixir and I LOVE it

  5. I've been playing for 3 years but I've been mainly playing hog decks, any recommendations for different fast paced decks? I'm usually between 5500-5800 trophies

  6. I have been playing for less than an year and I have pekka bridge spam with cards at level 11. Even after pekka and archer nerf I still play that as other cards are not upgraded. I reached Master 3 last season.

  7. I came from clash of clans and tried clash Royale once it got promoted new from clash of clans. Ever since that I switched to clash Royal and been loyal lol until I tilt and get mad then I get off for a bit haha. How about ash? Have you ever just got off and voided playing for a while? Love your videos Ash!!! Keep at it

  8. Hey Ash!!! I just had a good idea (maybe) for a series type thing that u might like. A fan vs pro series, where idk a selected fan/subscriber could play against their specific favorite pro. For example me: I love the giant skelly and have what seems to be a very solid deck with it and my favorite pro is tauron. Obviously thats just me but there are lots of fans and various archetypes that I think would be fun to watch. Just an idea I wanted to share. And for real, ur my favorite content creater. Super enjoy all ur videos and the info and ur input. Thank you for ur work man!! And as always take care Ash 😉☝🔥

  9. Oh man I had an idea before going to bed the other day about making a EQ & Lightning cycle deck after playing around with Skelly barrel mirror clone rage for a whole night. Thank you for deck timtim it was needed

  10. They fucked clash up. All huts are to OP. Same like bomtower and GY. And elixgol and healer. 75% of the matches i play vs gobhut. Or the other 2 decks.

  11. earth quake is easy to miss. it has a big range but its placement is weird. it feels different then any other spell

  12. 4 SPELLS

    I thought of a couple of new cards spells since we are talking about a spell deck
    1. Bear trap, 4 elixer you set the trap down behind mid-line, it does either 300 damage and slows the troop for 5 seconds while doing 100 damage per second but it doesnt show up on the opponents screen or the card does full damage 1000 and stuns for a second.

    2. Quicksand think earthquake for troops instead of building it does high damage to troops its damage over time almost like a freeze and poison mixed but the troops can still shoot back while in the quicksand to balance the card it damages all troops even yours.
    3. Skeleton bomb 3 elixer you set down the bomb and it detonates for 800 damage 2 seconds after lighting it.
    4. The cage drops and traps everything inside the cage causing all troops inside to need to retarget the cage for 1k damage it does maybe 100 damage on drop or no damage on drop. It also pulls all air troops to ground until the cage is broken then they are air again. Think a sparky someone drops a minion horde, e dragon on bats you drop the cage they have to attack the cage possibly giving the sparky a chance to hit the horde. They could also allow ranged unit to not be affected so if you drop it on archers or a dark goblin now they have a 1k shield on them or drop it and trap a knight in with hunter and the hunter destroys the knight

  13. That magic archer emote is the same face and finger motion I make after wiping too hard and breaking through the TP.


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