Help Desk Training – Answering the Phone – Episode 1


Help Desk Training Episode Number 1 – Answering the Phone. Proper phone etiquette and how help desk is the number one stepping stone to any I.T. Professionals career.

If you don’t think the help desk position is the right career move for you….think again. Stay tuned for Episode number 2(whenever we decide to release that) where we discuss more values and training tips of help desk.

The equipment used in this video is as follows(Affiliate links below)
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Zoom H1 Digital Recorder:
Giant Squid Microphone:
Flexispot 47″ Sit Stand Desk:

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  1. Hey, Super useful video, thanks for sharing

  2. Should EVERY IT guy start with help desk? What if he tends to different areas such as programming, web developing, security, internet marketing, AI etc

  3. Tommorow I'll have an interview about this job looks interesting. Thx for giving me an idea how this works I think u will like it if u get the job ofc.

  4. Think you could do a vid on what to expect in a help desk interview?

    Also what is the dress code for most help desk jobs?

  5. I hate my job. Recently my supervisor assigned me to this task instead of development role. And I really don't like this phone answering and mailing 😒

  6. Cool video! Starting out on the help desk can be depressing, but put the work in, learn everything you can, make it known that you want to progress and you'll create opportunities to get up the ranks of IT support quickly. I started out on a 1st line Wintel helpdesk 12 years ago and now i'm a CTO. Hard work and dedication is all it takes, and it doesn't have to take a lifetime to achieve either!

  7. *Dont have any light or power shut. This can help you just in case if no power, don’t have lights and more: Hello, I recommend this App itms-apps://

  8. If people are yelling at you, then maybe that's in indication you aren't good at what you do. There should NEVER be scenario where someone can feel its appropriate to yell at the IT rep. If this happens, ask yourself what you DIDNT do in the first place that could of prevented this type of response. When they yell at you, that's on you! Don't blame the caller for your lack of preparation and maintenance. I've worked in IT for nearly 20 years in two different industries and have served dozens of individual clients through my business and this has happened only ONCE — Because a good IT guy is not only efficient and effective, but compassionate, considerate, and ALWAYS goes above and beyond to ensure the best experience, every day, every time! If you haven't built up enough credit with your "customers/clients" with GOOD things, than when things go bad, they don't give you ANY grace. So again, ask yourself, "What could I have done to prevent this was happening, and what steps can I take to prevent this from ever happening again?" Then replicate that throughout your department through training, communication, and a steadfast culture of EXCELLENT customer service.

  9. Guys I am starting my first ever job as a Helpdesk Technician on Monday, the company deals with web hosting, offsite backups, setting mails accounts etc. I am very nervous about this position any idea on what the job will entail or any day to day tasks?

    I have a degree in BCOM Information Management. Thanks

  10. Can i be help desker without It Degree or what ever? I dont have experience . But in customer service yes , and i am not bad in exel or with microsoft office world . What do you think Zack?

  11. Wow,, I live this video…. I'm currently doing my CCNA certification program.. And I was told that the best way to gain experience as a networking engineer is to work first as a help desk…. .. What are the basic qualifications to working as a help desk person…. Cos I. Don't know exactly what is done….

  12. I can take these calls all day. I am good at it. I am awesome! Thanks for calling the service desk and have a wonderful day! High Five!

  13. I have an interview for a help desk job soon and they role play in the interview. Watching this video was really helpful and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna binge watch all your videos tonight!

  14. Is IT helpdesk job suitable for non-IT related background graduates?I studied English literature at college without IT background.Am I suitable for this job?


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