Hiring an Real Estate Attorney With Tim Allomong


When it comes to buying or selling your home/property, you always need a attorney with you to complete the buying/selling process.

1:01 – Tip#1: Broker – Attorney Relationship
1:37 – Tip#2: Attorney’s Other Areas of Practice
2:25 – Tip#3: Break Down The Transaction
3:34 – Tip#4: How large is the Firm?
4:17 – Tip#5: Legal Fee
4:40 – Tip#6: Due Diligence

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About This Video:
In this video, Kai and Tim will go over with you the 6 items you should look out for when hiring an attorney. As buyer or seller, especially a buyer, it is in your best consideration that you hire a good attorney to help you make your buying process smoother. The attorney not only just make the contracts for you, but they will also explain the overall transaction to you, so you know where your money is going. Like Tim was saying in the video, it is always in your best interest to ask as many question as you can if there is something you do no understand. Another big thing is making sure your broker and attorney is on the same page and good terms, you do not want them to be pointing fingers at each other when something goes wrong. Understanding the 6 items to consider when hiring an attorney with The Kai Wong Team will help to make the homebuying process quick and easy and helps you make more money and save you from headaches.

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