How bad is this $5000 PC from 10 years ago?


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10 years ago, spending $5,000 on a PC brought you a pretty incredible experience…. but how has the last 10 years treated this EXTREME setup?

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  1. Before I even watch this I just want to say that I'm still running my mediocre rig from 2011. Yes, I run everything on low. And yes, sometimes my frames bottom out. But I still enjoy it!

  2. Still running my many thousand dollar pc from 2007 right now. Hasnt skipped a beat in 9 years and hasnt needed an upgrade. Havent needed an upgrade, still dont need one. Only thing that i have changed is HDD.

  3. I actually still have an old system with a Q9550 or something like that. I haven't turned that thing on in years. It has two GTX 275 in SLI. Two hard drives in a raid configuration. I was so proud of that system it was a real beast back in the day.

  4. If you are running a heavy game or program then close everything else out so that it has some kind of chance. I think it's pretty impressive that it did as well as it did. Would love to see more RAM if possible and as much optimization as possible as well.

  5. same configuration of a normal Mac Pro 1,1 from 2006!!! (I still use one of that with 10.11 El Capitan and it is perfect!)

  6. I like the video, except the 4k video playback test. Of course it is gonna play that, it has a modern TITAN GPU which is doing the heavy lifting …

  7. Well, Windows does have a just hard stop end the task method. It’s just that task manager uses a nicer version of that method. If you want to just hard end a task, use CMD to run the taskkill command with the /f switch. That commands will kill anything immediately.

  8. My ryzen 2+5 2600 at 4k is like 20% and 60fps i think like 30 so thoes intels are dope there 😁😜👉


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