How I Became a Mortgage Loan Officer + Loan Officer Salary, Training, & What It's REALLY Like!


How I Make Money, how I became a mortgage loan officer, mortgage lending training, and real estate industry tips from real estate agents!

Study guide I used to pass the Mortgage Loan Officer Licensing test:


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  1. Hello Ciara, thanks for great info. I've been a Realtor for 8 yrs and tired of being tire kicker, lol! I just recently signed up for 3 days course to become an MLO, hopefully I will pass the test. I was told I can either work for a broker or call center with guaranteed base pay and commission. Not fun of working 8 hrs job but what would be your advice?

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  5. 2:40 it always baffles me when realtors can't pronounce "realtor". It's just as it looks "real tor", not "real-a-tor". So simple.

  6. Why do Loan Officers get paid 1 percent of the deal for just collecting documents and punching numbers into the AUS

  7. I want to be a loan originator I already did my 20 hours are there companies that hire you and train you and give you time to study and take the test and they pay you ?!

  8. Hi Ciara – Quick Question.. If I were to become a Mortgage Broker, would I need to open up a business checking account or get business credit cards for my Mortgage Business?

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  10. Thanks I’m a Consumer Loan Officer with a credit union and looking for an online job doing that, any ideas? TIA

  11. I am looking to hire a loan officer that can handle Mobile Homes at a decent rate I need to be in compliance with Dodd-Frank

  12. Hello my husband and I are looking to buy a house next year and I have a couple questions before I apply for your mortgage,how can I get in touch with you

  13. What is the difference between: 1) Mortgage Loan Processor, 2) Mortgage Loan Originator, 3) Mortgage Loan Officer, and 4) Mortgage Broker?


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