How Kombucha Is Made


Health-Ade Kombucha in Los Angeles holds 300,000 jars of the fermented tea in its brewery. Kombucha is made from a black and green tea blend, mixed in with cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. Scoby is then combined to turn the sweetened tea into fizzy, bubbly kombucha and create probiotics.

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  1. they were handing these out for free at my mom's hospital, whos a nurse, as a way to thank her for her work during this corona pandemic. mom brought home half of the one she was given and i tried it and it tasted goood. support their product and appreciate their support!

  2. At 1:40, this video incorrectly states that the word "SCOBY" means 'Symbiotic COLONY of Bacteria and Yeast', whereas it actually comes from the words, 'Symbiotic CULTURE of Bacteria and Yeast.'

  3. why is everyone so negative? Thank God for this company and their amazing flavors of Kombucha, I can now ease my indigestion much more easily and healthily. definitely no more soda carbonation for me. Kombucha has also helped me immediately if I’m feeling nauseous or feel like vomiting, I drink one of these and the gross feeling is gone 😍

  4. Insightful video, I liked it. It was interesting to get a glimpse of how kombucha is made on an industrial level. I like this brand.

  5. All These Comments Are Devisive Like The Country Is, Nowadays. … Health-Ade Kombucha Is Pretty Damm Good, & The Ginger Lemon Is My Favorite, .. & 'To Each, His Or Her Own'. … Kombucha Is Just Another Healthy Beverage, & Is Not For Everyone, As It Takes, An Understanding Of Its Taste, & Benefits, To Even Care ! … So, Lay Off, The Negative Word's.

  6. This is far from a how it’s made video. Techno music in the background 90% of the time, repetitive footage, and poor mic quality.

  7. No single food or drink will boost your health or immune system if your liver is polluted from eating the mainstream junk diet. Once your liver goes, cancer and diseases thrive.
    Vitamins, minerals and LIVING enzymes is what your body needs as fuel.
    Not animal protiens, carbs, oils, and salts.
    Enjoy your tea

  8. Ich kann das dämliche Amerikanisch-Englisch Genuschel nicht ertragen…fürchterlich, dieses Genuschel…da Lob ich mir Oxfordenglish…


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