How Much Should You Tip a Bartender?


So, the amount you should tip a bartender probably shouldn’t be determined by bartenders—they’re a little self-interested here. But we gathered a group of America’s best so they could make a case for how much gratuity you should throw their way the next time you order a drink or 10.

Featured Bartenders:
Ryan Wainwright, Los Angeles
Nicholas Bennett, New York City
Bryan Dayton, Boulder
Eric Alperin, Los Angeles
Naomi Levy, Boston
Joaquín Simó, New York City
Tim Cooper, New York City Karen Grill, Los Angeles
Devon Tarby, Los Angeles
Jennifer Colliau, San Francisco
Erick Castro, San Diego
Julie Lacoste, The Chart Room, New Orleans
Chaim Dauermann, New York City

Producer, Director & Writer: Jeremy Repanich
Editor: Backlot Digital
Executive Producer: Brian Berkowitz

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  1. I own two bars and keep staff because people tip and top up their wages for me . So to the general public – keep helping me with my wage bill 😂😂😂😂 . And if their tips are too big I will just cut their wages to balance it out 😂😂🤫

  2. I don’t tip because society says so, i tip because i truly believe the person went out of their way in their service. They have a wage, if aint enough oh well.

  3. My buddies and I and our wives all drink at home. It’s more cost efficient. And when we get a new bottle we like to share it with close friends and family, not watch a bunch of drunken idiots at a bar.

  4. In the bar that I work in I make roughly 1000 Euro on each shift in ireland. Are you trying to seriously tell me that I get 200 Euro five days a week in the states and STILL be considered working in a poor job? That ratio still works out as 1 Euro per beer. That's crazy money!

  5. I tip great for great service, and good for good service. If you're doing the bare minimum and acting like I'm a burden you can take my total for the tab and fuck off with that and only that.

  6. "He or she will remember [if you don't tip 20%]"
    This dude actually has the audacity to admit he will do a bad job if he doesn't get extra money.
    The rest of us do our best 100% of the time, every day, no matter who the client is.

  7. I'll tip 20% on a cocktail night, though my cocktails are pretty easy. Beer, a dollar tip, whisky 10%, depending on the whisk(e)y

  8. I’m a bartender and I don’t expect anyone to tip me. However I have found the biggest tips I’ve ever received have come from getting to know the person on the other side of the bar, I work at an airport and there’s always something to talk to them about where they are going etc.

  9. As a Libertarian this is very hard to watch. Love all the bartender videos, but this one just rears the professions ugly face (which I didn’t know existed). I would think that according to this video, most of us have been under tipping for ages. That being said, who tf would tip only a dollar on a specialty drink??

  10. I tip a dollar a round. I don't care how much that round costs. Mostly because what I order never takes more than two minutes… Let's break down how much the rest of the nation makes an hour should we? Get over yourselves.

  11. How do u have a gimlet that takes 4 days to make that doesn't even make sense it's just Spirits, lime juice, and simple syrup

  12. The problem is that y’all expect a tip. If I buy a $1 at a bar it’s up charged triple. So $3 and you want a dollar tip a beer? So $4 for a beer because your life sucks? My life sucks too you can get a dollar at the end of the night or the tip of this dick if you don’t like it. The right amount to tip is nothing unless you feel like it.

  13. I’ll tip because someone does a good job. I don’t tip just because it’s expected and “that’s how a bartender makes a living” . I don’t own the bar I am not their employer the owner should be paying their employees a decent wage it shouldn’t land on the customer to supplement salary.

  14. We don't tip bartenders in Ireland like we don't tip people in a bank or working in a shop… they are already being paid to do there job by their employer like the rest of us. As they said in an earlier video that their job is easy so why get a tip

  15. Serve me well, get tipped well. Friday night hustle to simply grab me a beer and pop the top for less than a minute of work and be happy you get paid. If bartenders don't like it, plenty of jobs elsewhere or get an education that pays. Easy to replace.

  16. Tipping can be a way of making sure you get fast service on the next drink. Also you should tip if the service was good. To have a system which actually lets the customer pay for the wages via a "you're a bad person if you don't tip" is just bad. I will not tip if the service/food was shit – its a way of letting them know so. And if they are offended? That's just the point…

  17. Bartending in the uk we don’t demand tips cos we get a decent salary. U get a tip for doing a good job 🙄🙄

  18. a lot of people are really sad that there are bartenders barely making 20k out there…. im glad that wall street stock trader is making millions but the bartender making 20-30k…fuck him

  19. I tip 20 percent of what ever my bill is with food and drink. Individual drinks with no food are a buck. That's just how it is. When I go to resorts on vacation it's a buck a drink too

  20. I will say since my bartender is such a good friend I normally always tip her 20+ my bill is usually $40 to $60 but she'll always cut down, usually in half. I told her she ain't gotta cause I'll tip her good. So far I've tipped her 80 on a $40 bill. I know it's really high but she's really good. Doesn't just pay attentions to her friends and co-workers including friends who're customers. Plus she's held on to my card before when I forgot it. It all depends on them. You could be a "good" bartender but others try to get you to become regulars that's the ones I avoid.

  21. I've never understood the mentality of tipping people for doing the job they signed up to do. It is your job to make people drinks, so why do you feel you should be tipped for doing what you're supposed to do?

    "But bartenders don't get paid that much."

    They knew that before they signed up for this profession. They went into it knowing full well what they could expect as far a money was concerned and accepted it. If they wanted more money, they should have chosen a different profession.

  22. if i hear this id love to work wherever they work .. i mean i get payed 1400 euro for a 38 hour per week …@ 8 hours per day .. im not sure if they earn any outside of tipping .. but if i would even get 5 percent of every bill i do in a months time .. oh boy i would go home with atleast 5000 euro( so a little less in dollars ) a month .. and then lets cut taxes , and those are ALOT less in america ) i would have earned atleast 4 to 5 times more then i did then i did right now on the age of 26 … ( and i have been working Fulltime in the bartending busssines since my 16 ) .. i am gonna be cold here , if i any of the american bartenders would work in europe ( belgium in special , because there is nowhere else in the world to pay more taxes ) none of you would be in such a good mood … but i still do it everyday with a Huge smile …

  23. 20% per order? Im a barman in England and I can honestly say I get tipped in spare change maybe once every 5-8 orders, at the end of my shift I don’t even make 1 hours wage in tips 😂

  24. Bar staff don’t get tips in Ireland. At best, people will say “keep the change” which will amount to maybe a 5% tip per order. You tip when you buy food, generally between 10% and 15%.


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