How the spread of COVID-19 is impacting the mortgage market


Francesca Ortegren, Clever Real Estate Data Scientist joins Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi to discuss how the housing and mortgage market is being impacted by the coronavirus.
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  1. Stinking over priced houses and Real estate marketing agencies need to be abolished along with stinking hospitals and their garbage care. People are being pushed to pee in the streets and die there. In a short time Malls have vanished, we are all being led into prisons. Now we bring all our money to WALL-MART.

  2. These all bulshit talk, what's happening today is out of the playbook ever , no body can predict anything now, if you compare with the 2009 you can't because at that time thing were happen gradually not like this time people from janitor to CEO lost their job in a week.
    Imagine 3.3 million people lost their job in 2 week regardless how much they make still there are no income at all so how the hell that they can pay their mortgage with a half million dollars loans?

  3. Great video! Things are changing daily! I’m a Realtor in Sacramento and we’re not seeing a huge change in the real estate market here yet. I actually just made a video about it on my YouTube channel and how COVID-19 will effect the real estate market and economy. Stay safe everyone!


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