How to Become an Art Therapist in 2019 (5 steps)


HOW TO BECOME AN ART THERAPIST IN 2019 | I share with you the 5 steps to become an Art Therapist in the U.S., including what degree you need, what experience you need to have, and what license or certification you need to work as an Art Therapist.

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Pros & Cons of Being an Art Therapist

Day in the Life of an Art Therapist

Art Therapy Sourcebook
Handbook of Art Therapy
Art Heals





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  1. Thanks for watching! What made you interested in art therapy? Where are you in the journey to become an art therapist? 🙂

  2. Thank you for the kind information ❤️
    I am a visual designer and an artist from India. I am interested in the phsycology behind the art and wish to work further in this.
    Please brief about Distance Learning Programs.

  3. How do I get to practice as an undergraduate student? I will be graduating class of 2022 so I am a 3rd year coming this Fall 2020. Also, I am currently a Studio Art major since my school does not have Art Therapy with one of my minors being psychology.

  4. I have been an elementary art teacher. The principal dubbed my room "the other therapy room". The parents who value high test scores and award winning art have pushed for my contract to not be renewed. I have a dear friend who told me to really consider art therapy. I'm 55, about to turn 56, so this is a big leap. I believe in the value of art therapy. I appreciate your clarity in the commitment to pursuing this.

  5. I'm curious and open minded about becoming an art therapist because I just want to make an impact on this world. I'm just one person and feel so insignificant but I want to make a positive impact on people's life through art the best I can. I have been trying to discover the best career path for me to feel purpose and happy about. Art is a powerful thing and when people can't express themselves verbally art is a great way for people to express themselves. Right now I am a freshman in college and I still have time to figure everything out. Thank you for this video.

  6. I have my BA in psychology, but I haven’t pursued a masters because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I have a passion to help end suicide and I love CBT and ABFT. My college was very small and didn’t even touch on Art therapy. I thought the RIASEC test during one of my research classes and Art Therapy was a recommended career field. I immediately thought I could use my history of dance and theatre, but recently I’ve been creating more with visual arts. What would you recommend to someone with a BA that doesn’t have any studio art classes?

  7. Hi there! I enjoyed the video, but still have one question. I recently graduated with my B.S in Psych with a studio art minor. Now I'm wondering what graduate level program to apply to. Would it be beneficial at all to go for a MSW, then go for the art therapy licenser?

  8. Is there a way to have credentials in art therapy while pursuing a graduate degree in school counseling? I would like to incorporate elements of art therapy in school counseling sessions with troubled students

  9. I'm searching possible majors, I'm currently a freshman in college, and I like art and psychology so I put them together and BOOM!! I got Art Therapy LOL check my art on Instagram if you are interested @brave1229
    This video was really helpful, Thanks ALOT!!

  10. Hello 🙏🤗 i love watching your videos , i was a sign writer for 4 years and at school i was one of the top class in art , but i all of the sudden stoped my passion over work and money to earn a living , its sad but now i am a full time mum at home with my 2 year old i am craving for going back to my arts again but the timing is hard i will have to do it when my daughter goes to bed i cant do art with her holding me its too much , when you talked about your art i never used my emotions through art like you did , now i am learning through you and going to try ! I had alot of emotions when i was prengant with my daughter while my mother was battling cancer it was the worst times of my life because i was so sick from my pregnancy and my hormone was out of whack , i am going to try to share my story through art thank you for sharing your thoughts with us too 🤗🙏

  11. I am a freshman in college at the UGA who plans on becoming an art therapist. There are a few programs in Georgia that I know of such as GCSU and Piedmont College. Hope this helps someone!🖤

  12. Well I was wanting to start art therapy since I heard of it haha it’s funny cause I had went to the doctors for a check up and she suggested art therapy so I can do both things I love art and helping people ☺️ so I thought about it for awhile and here I am checking it out oh and I’m 14 so I still have sometime to look into it

  13. I have BA in Communications and is planning to take MA in Applied Psychology with a concentration in Development Psychology. Do you think the MA would suffice the credits required for the MA in Art Therapy? Thanks so much!

  14. Hi, thank you for the video! I have an MFA degree in art & design. I am have been working professionally in commercial design field for almost 10 years. But I feel an urge to help and heal others and myself. This feeling grows stronger everyday. If I start now to pursue a path to be art therapist, how many years does it take? I am also hesitated because Basically it is a transition to new field for me. Thank you!

  15. Awesome, I interested learn because I am a cancer survivor and would like to help other cancer patient to be free from cancer using art therapy, I have studied in art (university). Thanks. I am in Singapore. I also a youtuber. Thanks

  16. I am so happy I stumbled upon your YouTube channel! I am an artist and have been creating art in paintings, drawings, pottery, photography; since I can remember! It has been and always was a way for myself to cope with mental health issues growing up. I didn’t realize I was doing this or how it helped me until a few years ago when I knew my path was in clinical psychology. I decided if I can help children and adolescents cope with trauma through art, I’d be following what I was meant to do. I’m currently getting my BA in psychology in New Mexico and don’t have too many outlets or resources around me so my “next step” has always been something I’ve been very unsure of. I’m going to print your notes to help me further my education and look into graduate schools. 💛


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