How to Buy a Car at Auction (part 1)


In the market for a late-model used car? Bypass the retailer, and buy from the wholesaler. The discounts are huge. You’ll get state-of-the-art automotive technology, safety, fuel efficiency, infotainment, etc., at a fraction of the new-car price.
In this special report I take you inside a public car auction, and we track the cars all the way to used car dealerships selling them around the country within days. You’ll see just how heavily those cars get marked up by used car dealers.
This report demonstrates exactly how much money you can save, by bypassing the dealer and going straight to the source.


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  1. That's for Australia, I found that for the US the best place is to buy at US goverment auctions for example here

  2. Great video, you may buy the used car on online bidding and auctions, its very safe check it

  3. A mate went to buy at an ex-govie auction back in the 80s. Almost all the bidders were dealers. When they realised he was a private buyer they forced the price up on the Mitsubishi he wanted. He pulled out, and we later watched them split the loss between them.

    At the next auction he bid on a Commodore and they did the same thing. But after they paid over the odds for the next three Commodores too they let him get the Mitsubishi he wanted at the dealer price.

  4. I watched part 2 of this , its virtually ol'mate eating a dominoes pepperoni pizza and rubbing the grease on his fucken head… then finishes saying "till next time, buy a Hyundai i30 yibbida yibbida"

  5. Hello John: Buying wholesale is great ,however,  most of the ones I tried you need a dealer's license to buy a car a car from them.

  6. I've laughed so much at your comments about not making part 2. Thanks for the laughs. I reckon the subject matter in part 2 might get more attention than part 1 and it might also bring more views to Part 1.

  7. Hi John, great video, I would love to post this on our company Facebook page with your permission. Full disclosure, I work at the auction house that's featured in the video.

  8. dont know whats in part 2, but these prices you quoted, does it include the auction groups buy levy , the rego/plates etc etc..I bought at auction and it was nearly 2K on extra costs i had to pay to get the car on the road + insurance.
    Its not as easy as you make but if you know your max price it can be fun and you can save a few grand.

  9. Auctions are good, but i heard that you can't test drive the car but you can only start the engine and check the bonnet? I guess we need some help in buying a used car without test drive??!

  10. How many hits do you want before you would produce part 2? 🙂
    I will get my folks around world to melt your bandwidth on this video 🙂
    I always wondered how it is in auction. If Part 2 of this is like, having a helmet cam and you explain the process till end, it would be like, Buying a car with John Cadogen (Dancing with stars may be)

  11. Awesome work John. But sad to realize there is no part II.

    I've not seen anyone so precise, honest, with zero BS. Please make a part II!

  12. sad to see that you are not doing part 2, but you still have more than 1000 views, is that still statistically no one?

  13. Thanks for this John, just found your channel and am particularly interested in this video. Perhaps the low interest is down to the title? I thought it referred to something like a house auction, rather than a wholesale auction.

    Would love to see Part 2 when you feel it's worth producing!

  14. Thanks for your videos John, informative, characterful, concise and no bullshit (well none that I can see! ;). A second part would've been great, but realising that dealers mark these motors up by about 40% in itself is the golden nugget I'll take away with me.


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