How to Change Transmission Fluid on Honda Acura


I finally had some free time and really warm weather and changed my transmission fluid today. I was using Honda MTF but the gears were not as smooth anymore and felt like gears were sticking. I went with a pretty inexpensive Mobil 10w30 motor oil. This is what the owners manual suggests for these cars when they were produced. The engine and transmission however are not the originals but are from the same years but from the Japanese models. It is an obd0 cable transmission b16a.

Changing the fluid will be identical for any 88-00 Civic / CRX AND Integra 90-01 with a B or D series engine.

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  1. I’m new to Honda’s and just bought a completely stock 93 civic hatchback dx. What fluid would you recommend for the manual trans? In the owners manual it says 10w-30 or 10w-40.

  2. For people needing the part numbers for the crush washers here they are: 94109-14000 (same as oil pan crush washer), 94109-20000.

  3. Hey man,
    I just picked up a 1988 Civic DX Sedan. My owners manual says to change the manual transmission with 10W-30 but should I use conventional, synthetic, or high mileage for the tranmission?

  4. hey John iv been reading lots of things on forms on tranny fluid .. some people say to never run mtf some say 10w-30 and some say don't use synthetic .. what are your thoughts and it's for a stock d16a6 tranny

  5. hey man I recently bought a 91' civic DX hatch with 21,000 original miles, I know a holy grail of a find ha but it sat for quite awhile in an old woman's garage, the alternator is the original and its quite weak and on its way out, I'm planning on replacing it with a hi output alternator but the factory alternator looks like a real bitch yo replace, any pointers on replacing it if you've done one in the past?? thanks and that's one sweet EF hatch you got

  6. Hey I have an ef too but motor is obd0 first gen jdm b16 and original tranny which is cable only 90-100k miles on both, and my tranny grinds forth gear bad and others too if you don't get it into gear carefully, tranny feels notchy and not smooth.. what tranny fluid would you recommend me?

  7. I really admire your passion for Hondas man. It seems a great community of passionate and skillful people. Keep sharing your vids and knowledge.

  8. great video! can i use Honda mtf in my transmission instead of regular oil? i have a l3 cable transmission with a d16z6 on a 90 ed6

  9. I changed the fluid in my da to motor oil years ago. About 4 months after the change my synchros were shot. Stick to mtf.

  10. Hey man helpful video! I gotta ask though as Im trying to piece together an intake for my 91 integra using the stock air box. Where did you get that intake pipe with the slight bend on either side for your civic? Thanks man!


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