How To Cut And Trim Vinyl Wrap. Cutting And Trimming Techniques


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This video was done by request. Many of you ask how to cut and trim so I hope this helps.

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  1. put subtitles in Portuguese (Brazil) I really like your videos but I don't understand you talking, thanks for your attention

  2. can you piano black wrap plastic bumper trims? see that black part on the bimmer can you make a plastic bumper look like that?

  3. Whats this Vivid grey tape thats underneath where you cut? Is this some sort of a cutproof tape that prevents from scratching the car??

  4. I just wrapped my Car in Matte Pine Green And Satin Black . How should i Wash My Car I Dont want to Destroy my Wrap . I have a Honey Dew foam from Chemical Guys . Can You please tell me a few tips .

  5. Design a machine that you attach the car piece to that then applies the heated vinyl over that piece in a vacume then trim's the edges and uses ultrasonic frequencies to bond the vinyl 's edge to the painted metal. Design the machine to be able to do hoods trunck's large area's. A vehicle with little to no damage just remove clean attach part to machine pass it through machine check for flaws then attach the part back onto vehicle. Doingit by hand is amazing yet busting out a car in an hour fills the bank account? 😁😉👍

  6. I need advice on some wrapping parts. I’m wrapping my car door but where the handle is there’s a dip under the handle. How do I go about doing this part?


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