How to fix | Macbook wont turn on | No indicator or charger light | SERVICE BATTERY Warning |


This is a 2013 macbook pro, this fix will work on ALL macbooks that have access to the battery. How to fix when your macbook shuts off and wont turn on, also shows no indication of battery power such as the battery indicator light, or even charger light, the hold down power button procedure wont work, and you know you fully charged or had charge in the battery. TRY THIS before you do anything else. ALSO look into replacing your battery in the near future. I knew this was the problem because it gave me a service battery warning when you click the battery icon on the top right of the screen.

Purchase link for this exact battery is:


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  1. Ok Guys, my new battery just gave me that service battery indicator again. So this battery last about 2 years! Not bad for all that money we just saved!

  2. Thank you so much! You really saved me especially as I'm in the last year of my degree and we are on lockdown so I can't go out!

  3. My MacBook charger doesn’t charge unless I put a lot of pressure onto the charger into the wall, and in a certain way.

    Should I get a new charger? Because I either need to constantly hold down on it or set something heavy against it.

  4. My MacBook also says service battery but it still works. It's been like 4 months like that. I also never noticed. 😮

  5. Didn't work. MoBo must be blown on my overpriced boat anchor. I only used a Macbook because someone gave it to me. Will never, ever buy one.

  6. You said something which is somehow surprised me that without the battery on it plugged in direct my not even power up the PC is that right?

  7. Please I need help my macbook pro mid 2012 A1278 was working fine and left to come back and I found is blanked out dark try several things to power it on but avail, I remove memory, try to plug direct and power on fan will roll a little bit and stop and the indicator light will blink and it won't power on anymore though my battery status before it's happened says replace soon. Can that be battery? If yes but it's dosn't on without battery when I plugged in direct. Pls any solution

  8. Please anyone tell me. My macbook pro is some times switching on, sometimes dim green light.. What' is the problem of my mac. Plz help. Me

  9. If you modify an apple product future services will get rejected if you take to apple. If this happens go to your nearest retail store and get apple to replace battery

  10. My life came to a halt after my laptop stopped charging, I followed your tutorial and found it very very useful. You are a genius!

  11. You're a genius, I love you! I'm traveling in Central America and have no way to purchase a new battery. When my MacBook stopped charging I thought I was hosed. You saved me!!


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