How to get YOUR film on NETFLIX


The secret to getting your film on Netflix is the question.

Brett Culp is a filmmaker and speaker. He’s one of the most positive people I know. Its quite infectious. Brett has made 2 films that have been picked up by Netflix – Legends of the Knight and Look to the Sky. Both films are about positive stories and use the idea of superheros as a catalyst for positive social change.

In this video we discuss
• Finding your voice
• Making a positive impact
• Creating something the world needs
• Creating a movement around a film and not just a movie
• Our ability to change the world

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  1. So i wanted to find out the process of submitting a film to netflix…instead i got an artist standing on a soap box spouting overly romanticized ideas about what artists should be doing….fuckin lame….seems like a cool doc though

  2. For everyone that is confused, he explains it briefly at 9:20 –

    His method was to create the film independently, acquire a theatrical distributor, build up an audience, and then use the distributor to pitch to Netflix based off of its theatrical success. It’s very unlikely a first time filmmaker will be able to approach Netflix directly, especially due to their “previous collaborator” policy, meaning you must have someone in above line crew that has worked on a Netflix film before. In my opinion, your best best is to create a film for theatrical release with a distributor attached, and regardless of its run, pitch it to Netflix through your distributor: (your approach will be ultimately more legitimate than approaching cold). Good luck!

  3. How much Netflix pay for na idea or a movie? I have four books and I would like to sell to Netflix. 3 stories are fiction and 1 is my real life.
    To who I should contact to sell my ideas to Netflix? It's very difficul to have the right attention.

  4. I came for the knowledge of how to get projects on Netflix and came away in tears….but without the wisdom I sought.

  5. batman does have powers im just like him although hes super rich super intellegent and shit but yeah i resinate with the grunting dark bruting 40 yo

  6. I feel a bit mis-lead in this video. How does this show me how to get my movie onto Netflix? I dont see any instruction at all on how to do this. Very disappointed and your title is far from what your intentions are.

  7. How are people not liking these touching videos, how miserable are people that they can see the negative or choose negativity.


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