How To Guides: Handling a Traffic Accident


The unfortunate reality of driving in Dubai is it is highly likely during your time here you will have to deal with managing a traffic accident. The following are key tips to making the process as seamless and stress free as possible. If you are involved in a traffic accident and no one is injured and the vehicle damage in minor, move your vehicle to the side of the road in order to avoid blocking traffic. Note that the car repair companies cannot accept an order without an accident report so you must call the police. If the other driver drives off without stopping and waiting for the police, go straight to the nearest police station and file a report. If you are not at fault you will be given a green form to take to your insurance provider. If however you receive a pink form this indicates you are the party at fault.


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  1. This is a helpful video to watch if you will be traveling to another country for business and will be on the roadways. It is good to be prepared and informed on what steps to take if involved in a traffic accident in another country such as the United Arab Emirates.


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