How to negotiate a better car accident insurance claim check; without a personal injury attorney.


How to maximize your car accident claim check without needed a personal injury lawyer. In this live event, car accident lawyer John Kelly answers an online question and provides specific advice on how you can increase the value of your car accident claim.
Emily- Hello John. I’m in the process of requesting a claim check for a small accident I was in two weeks ago. It was the other persons fault and I do have a police report. Can you provide me any tips or advice on what I can do to negotiate more money? Also, is there anything you recommend to speed up the process? Thank you!
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We’re with John Kelly. John is a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, and he’s agreed to answer an online question that was posted. This one, specifically how to negotiate a better car accident insurance claim check. With that said, John, let’s go into the question that was posted. This question is from Emily. Emily says, “Hello John. “I’m in the process of requesting a claim check “for a small car accident I was in two weeks ago. “It was the other person’s fault. “I do have a police report. “Can you provide me with any tips or advice “on what I can do to negotiate more money “from the insurance company? “Also, is there anything you could recommend “to speed up the process? “Thank you.”

– Okay. So Emily’s question is a pretty common question. She just wants to know what she needs to do after a small accident. What wasn’t addressed there with Emily is whether she was injured or not, but it sounds like she probably has a little property damage. So I’ll just kind of go over both. One that I don’t talk about a lot, which is something that actually people want to address right away, always, is the property damage, their vehicle, how to get it fixed, if it’s at the tow yard, those kind of things always bother people because they wanna get in a vehicle so that they sometimes can get treatment too. One of the things that people need to be aware of is that there’s actually typically two adjusters that are gonna handle their claim. One’s a property damage adjuster and the other one’s their bodily injury adjuster, and that’s on both sides for the accident. So one of the things that she can do right away is notify her insurance company that there was an accident, make sure that they’re aware. She can speak directly with the adverse insurance company, third party insurance, if she has that information.


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  1. Thanks for this. Completely forgot to consider the diminished value of my car…..Was at a complete stop at a light when I was rear ended at about 35 mph by the woman behind me who wasn't paying attention. She says on police report that she hit me because I suddenly came to a stop. Now I've lost 6 grand in income, totaled 8 grand in medical and cost to fix car, and her insurance won't even offer me money for pain and suffering let alone the full amount of lost income. 2 months PT…..I hate insurance companies with a burning passion.

  2. I got rear ended today, no injuries so far, just feel like my back is a little tense from the crash, but nothing major.
    The cop didn’t file a report because there was no injuries and its a straight forward rear ended case he said.
    Would I just get a check to cover the repairs of the car? Or will I get a settlement check so I don’t sue them later?

  3. Im a foreigner from South Korea who is living in the U.S An old lady backing up and hit my car at store parking lot today. Broke the car right side mirror and scratch beside. So just minor accident. She gave me fake phone number intentionally. I tried call the number but her phone was not ringing so I asked her about it. She lied the phone what she is holding…. Thats her son's phone so She cant let me know his phone number. So I took her drive license plate and she ran away. When I called the police station. It was very complicated with my poor English. So I gave it up reporting and asked it to one of my friends. He told me she will lie to police. She will pretend dont know about the car accident. No evidence and no witness. Only her car license plate. What can I do? I feel so bad cuz she looks like a wealthy white grandma who has a nice brand new car. How come lied to a foreigner like her daughter age person to avoid paying little money. Im so mad at her and want justice. Please help me.

  4. Hello….On Feb 2 2019, i was rear ended by a driver on I 10 in PHX. at @ 75mph. The damage to my truck was adjusted to $8267..+/_ His vehicle was totaled. My question to you is, my insurance company wants to charge me for its continuation coverage about $300/$400 more a year. WHY? Why do we the victim must pay more for a accident that wasn't our fault? I called the PHX police and have a record in hand and was not sited but the other owner who hit me was. Can i sue that owner for all the charges over the next several years for the increase in insurance costs? Thank you, Rob

  5. Someone hit me police report said they got no one on camera. Finance and liability insurance in what I have at the time.

  6. i was hit from the back . the other drivers fault . I got 3 estimates all about $4500 . The insurance company not a well known one sends me a check for $2900 . They said take it to a shop and if there is more they will pay the body shop direct . But the body shop says i am responsible for any difference the insurance company will not pay for . The insurance company says they will pay the difference but wont give it to me in writing . And once i cash the check i am accepting there terms . How do i get them to pay the right amount ? i dont trust the body shop or insurance company . Need to protect myself .

  7. I was driving my mother in laws car and was hit by another driver. My daughter and I were seen at the hospital. Can I use both insurance companies?

  8. I was injured in a car accident I suffered minor injuries for about 10 day my medical bills are$20,000 what do u think would be a fair settlement over my medical bills

  9. How do I recieve a check from a insurance company for loss wages its been 4 months since accident. Not a major accident car was fixed in 2 weeks but I missed out of 2 weeks of work with uber because of no car. I email them and sent all documents they ask for and they don't respond back.


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