How to Read Notes Fast – The Landmark System


The Note Reading Bootcamp – Extended Edition:
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In this video I teach you how to read notes fast, using The Landmark System. Note Recognition is the first step to sight reading music / scores / pieces.

By using the 9 Landmarks you can read notes faster than using the Every Good Boy Does Fine method.


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Music Equipment Recommendations

As a beginning piano student, you need a keyboard that has 88 or 76 keys, weighted keys, and is affordable. I’ve found the best value keyboards are Yamaha’s.

Here is my top keyboard recommendation.
Yamaha P-125

This is a great keyboard for a beginner and also a great keyboard to grow into.


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  1. Trying to learn…I will keep listening and making notes and music notes…one part of my brain, then another…maybe something will click.

  2. I LOVE Leon's comments. My thoughts exactly. You're a fabulous teacher; just that some of us are not there on piano. Perhaps it was to coax us to realize we're just not pianists, but some of us ARE vocalists. Jazz / Folk / Classical Vocalist Subbed!

  3. this is the problem, I don't want to learn as fast as I can, because if you are giving me instructions as fast as you can, I will not learn anything

  4. The major problem with these online music theory videos is that the teachers do not teach the logic inherently built into music. Memory is better served when the logic of music is revealed and discovered rather than mindless mnemonics like Every, Good, Boy, Does, Fine. These types of "helps" do nothing to develop in the mind of a student the calculating process that is required to really understand music theory. All too often, students are left having to memorize a vast assortment of random information that is totally disconnected from other parts of music knowledge when in fact, progressing through music theory should unfold quite naturally like a flower.

  5. Wow – I'm a music teacher and have been teaching using the 'Every Good Boy' method recently and found that students struggle with reading notes above and below stave using that method and also don't seem to find the relationships of notes on their instrument or piano. I've been looking for simple methods of teaching sight-reading and notation and this Landmark system makes so much sense and is very clear! Thanks for sharing! Will give this a go!

  6. Came here inspired by Rachmaninov's piano concerto N2 just to learn some basics… May be in the next life I could learn how to play heavenly music…

  7. This is really helpful! I figured the landmarks by myself on the treble clef, but was struggling with the bass clef. Thanks a lot!

  8. I don't understand why that note you played was an F#? On the sheet it looks like a normal F note. I was hoping you'd explain that

  9. 9:11 Something wrong with that notes. Left side shows bass F, but right side shows G bass. Well its not blame but Im do some correction. Sorry for bad english lol


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