How to say the S sound by Peachie Speechie


How to say the S sound! Instructions for young children from a speech-language pathologist, Meredith Avren.

Practice saying the S sound in isolation. Teeth are close, tongue inside, air slides out!

Want a step-by-step workbook for teaching the S sound? You’re in luck! I’ve got just the thing with this book, I Can Say the S Sound. Download it and use it immediately, or purchase a paperback copy on Amazon!

Digital Copy (ebook style):

Paperback on Amazon:

You can also get Meredith’s awesome vowel chart sweatshirt at A fun shirt for the nerdiest of speech nerds!

See the rest of our articulation videos here: 🎬

Disclaimer: This video is not teletherapy. It is not a substitution for speech therapy, just a fun instructional video for the S sound.


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