How to Start a Cleaning Business: From Zero to $60k a Month


“I tell people I work on my cleaning business about an hour a day because 5 minutes doesn’t seem believable,” Chris Schwab said.

Chris is the founder of, a residential house cleaning service in the Washington DC area he started on the side while still a university student.

Less than two years later, the business is doing $60k a month worth of cleaning work, all without Chris ever lifting a mop or dusting a shelf himself.

In this episode, Chris shares some of the unique tactics he used to start and grow his cleaning business, and then remove himself from the day-to-day operations.

Tune in to hear how Chris came up with the idea for his cleaning business, how he found his first customers and cleaners, and how he manages the entire business remotely.

For the full notes, links, and to download the free PDF “highlight reel” with all of Chris’ top tips from the call, please visit:



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  1. Lol! Being in the cleaning business for 10 years it still baffles me when people ask me if this business is profitable. I tell them no, and to continue be slaves of other people's business (I am being sarcastic of course). No one likes to clean, that's why is profitable 😁. I worked for corporate jobs and twice left them because I just cannot believe I am actually making 65k a year working for someone else when I can make $120k working for myself. I got my first two clients two weeks after starting. By the 4th month I had 12 clients, making $3500 a month, working from 9 to 2:30 p.m. 4 times a week. I mean, do you really want a desk job?

  2. These are great tips and there are also some free resources available through SCORE which is a non-profit mentorship organization.  SCORE was profiled in episode # 9 of The Richer Geek:

  3. I want to start a cleaning company. I am in the research phase of things. This interview was very informative, thank you!

  4. I have spent months investigating how to start a cleaning service from home and discovered a fantastic website at Ayalisse clean biz (look it up on google)

  5. There are a few tips to consider before you begin a cleaning business

    Will you have help from you spouse?

    Are you someone who is self-motivated?

    Will you carry out the plan?

    Do you have the funds to begin?

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  6. Thanks for a informative post, here are a few more tips on how to start up a cleaning business …

    Determine what type of cleaning company you’re going to specialise in (residential, commercial or specialised?) Bear in mind your skills (are you prepared to clean every day or are you more suited to the administrative side of a cleaning company) and where there’s the best market opportunity in your desired area.

    Research the market– researching the potential market and local demographic will be key in determining the type of cleaning company you should start. If you’re planning on running a domestic cleaning venture you’ll need to ensure that people in the local area are financially able to pay for someone else to do their domestic chores, likewise for a commercial business are there enough viable contracts to win? Market research will also be key in determining your prices (try posing as a prospective client and ringing around the local competition to ensure your pricing point is competitive).

    Choose on your business model. From the outset it’s important to think about your long-term plans for your cleaning company. If you’re looking for a business that you can grow slowly and organically and that you can keep control of in the long-run then going it alone is probably sensible. However, to hit the ground running (and if you’re nervous about some of the elements of setting up a business) you could consider franchising. There are lots of franchises in the cleaning industry with average upfront costs of around ,000.

    Budget appropriately for your equipment. Cleaning equipment costs can vary considerably. For domestic cleaners, more often than not the equipment is provided by the households, but if you’re thinking of launching a commercial cleaning company there’s some basic equipment you’ll need to invest in. It’s important that you ensure any outlays you have to spend on equipment will be counteracted in profits.

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  7. As someone who has run a small local service-based business for 9 years myself, hearing someone who has gone through so many of the struggles, and how they dealt with them, in DETAIL, this is the single most useful interview I've heard. and I've heard a lot. You asked all the right questions, exactly how they found employees, what they paid them, how he used VA's to get through the awkward period of needing help but not being able to afford it. Everything is gold here. Keep up the amazing work!

  8. hey im Washington dc area too. i own a small janitorial company. if possible can you message me and help me out. we been in business for about 3 years.

  9. What advice for someone who desperately wants to start a commercials cleaning business.. but having a hard time getting the funds…?

  10. Love the video! You did a great job! I currently run a cleaning business that is VERY successful and because of this video, I went ahead and made my own video which details the specifics on how to run a cleaning business.

  11. Wow I after listened to this I am going into business with a lady to do this very thing. I have had very little success online
    but I do believe this will work. Thanks for your amazing insites. I never had any interest in doing a service business in my local area. so thank you for what you have done. Bless You

  12. I love that idea of partnering with a home organizer and sharing a pool of clients! Partnering with stagers or realtors before selling can probably get a different set of clients with consistent business as well. Too many people try to sell their messy houses and realtors dismiss it too often!

  13. This was an awesome and super inspiring video. Thank you for the video! I starter a franchise and document my process as well.

  14. I have been consulting cleaning business start-ups since 2004! If you would like to work more than 5 minutes a day (say 8 hours?) then I recommend the Clean Up Now System –

  15. I'm pretty sure 60k a month from starting from zero is complete horseshit for a person starting out. That's more than a year of a cleaning employee's salary. I always know for a fact before even listening to the video that would will need employees to get to that 60k a month.

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  17. Thank you for such an informative interview. Love this ❤️ I am starting my own cleaning business. I am looking forward to implementing Chris ideas/suggestions. Ty!

  18. Good interview Nick, low startup costs and lots of different niches in cleaning to get started in on the cheap!

  19. I got too many leads and can not find enough cleaners. Contact me if you are interested.

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  21. I want to start a business but I can’t get over the fear of cleaning other people’s bathrooms. Any suggestions?

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