How to support implantation in your two week wait


Did you think there wasn’t anything you could do after making use of your fertile window? Think again! Time to help that baby implant!

If you have been trying to conceive naturally and have been charting your cycle and working to time baby making well so you can make the most of your fertile window, then you probably want to give that fertilized egg the best chance of implanting well too!

So let me give you 6 things that you can do to increase the chances of successful implantation and to keep you busy this two week wait!

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  1. Thank you so much for the information! Your videos are super helpful. Is it normal to feel cramping off and on after conceiving? 💕

  2. I am having my IUI done soon (a week) should i start talking the calc fluor before hand or only once implanted? How many should I take how and many times a day? Thank you for all you do.

  3. I always have tender breast after 14 days of my period till next period and feel like I'm pregnant but at the date of my period, my period comes, please what's the cause of that. I really need help I want to get pregnant.

  4. Hello!! Thanks a lot for your videos. I enjoy watching them every day!!! I have a question, I bought by mistake calc. fluor. 30C and I just realize that you recommended 6X. Can I still take the 30C or not? Thanks a lot again

  5. 1. Keep warm. But not hot. No hot bath.
    2 Gentle exercises
    3 Rest and Relax
    4 supplement ( Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E,Fatty Acids)

  6. How long can I take Calc Fluor please? Had my first miscarriage recently and looking to try to conceive again in 3month. I am also planning to keep taking prenatal vitamins half dose and keep taking krill oil + vit D via sunshine.
    Could you please help and comment?

  7. Hi, I'm now on the 2week waiting period (as I just gad the embryo transfer) and have started to take the Calc Fluor 6x (among other vitamins as well). So how long do I need to take the calc fluor for? TIA

  8. Great video, thank you. Is it safe to take all 12 of the tissues salts while trying to conceive?? Or just the calc fluor?

  9. Hi ahmm… My "period" came and stopped just an hour after it came last night and I just don't know if that's implantation bleeding 😂

  10. So I was hinted about an "alternative kind" of plan I saw in a few comments. If infertility is your dilemma, you might want to at least read it, googl Dobbie Nerkstrol's website for a science supported approach to become pregnant within sixty days.

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  12. I really wanted to become pregnant by my 34th bday but that didn’t happen, my life was too uncertain. I was also told 12 yrs prior that thanks to a traumatic car crash I would never have kids probably. I had a hsg and laparoscopic done a couple yrs ago and my dr told me everything was perfect in my reproductive tract…& she waited until last October to refer me to a fertility dr, knowing in 5 months I would be turning 36 in March this year; and now here I am still not pregnant, and not able to ovulate without a trigger shot ($112 a shot ) and I recently took 10mg of Letrozole.(very high dose) I really want to just tell them all they are quacks, and you’re welcome for helping you get to retirement faster!

  13. Pls tell me hou coll english that cover in ur tomack? Also 3x i fail donor embrio impalant i don biopsy im ok 100%


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