How to Use a Fountain Pen Converter


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  1. I have a sheaffer pen. I bought a converter. The converter fits the nib but is slightly too large to go into the barrel of the pen. The pen is about 20 years old. The barrel is a transparent red color. I have no idea of the model name/number of the pen. Would you have any idea? Any use for a new never used converter? I would really like to be able to use the pen but being a disabled veteran (Viet Nam era Seabee) I have no more money to waste on the thing. Yeah. I know. Only a few bucks. Yeah. Only. 😕

  2. Re: parker fountain pen converter, standard twist fill (s0050300); will it fit kaweco student, conklin duragraph, penbbs, 309/352?

  3. Wouldn't it be cleaner for both the nib and your hands to remove the converter, fill it and place it again on the pen?

  4. As simple as this video seems – it is EXTREMELY helpful. I had never used a converter before and the cartridges were just not very good and when I did use the converter I filled it then placed into the pen so it didn't work properly. That is what brought me here, it was a huge help – thank you kindly.

  5. Be aware that Jetpens returns process is really slow and really strict. They only process returns once per week and have to "inspect" your item before they will even consider returning your money…even if it's a defective product. I won't shop with them again.

  6. Extra tip 1: If your converter doesn't draw up ink very well, flush it with water. Just replace the bottle of ink with a glass of warm (not hot!) water.

    Extra tip 2: If your converter doesn't draw up ink very well even after you flushed it with water, remember that some types of converters don't apply enough vacuum force to draw up a full fill of ink.

    Extra tip 3: Some inks adhere to the plastic of the converter more than others. Alternatively, some converters are made with a type of plastic that makes ink stick to it very easily. Remember to always give your cartridge/converter fountain pen a gentle shake before writing with it, especially if the pen has been sitting with the nib pointing upwards before use. This is also why some converters have a tiny agitator inside.

    Extra tip 4: If you wish to avoid having inky fingers for whatever reason, you can grip the converter itself while you operate it. If the converter is attached properly to the grip section, this won't fall off.

    Don't give up on using fountain pens!!


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