How to Use Hootsuite in 11 Minutes


New to Hootsuite? Begin exploring the key features of your dashboard: connecting your social media accounts, publishing posts, and monitoring and engaging with your audience.

00:45 – Adding Twitter Streams
00:55 – Adding a Twitter Hashtag Search Stream
01:25 – Adding a New Tab
01:30 – Adding a Social Network
02:10 – Adding a New Tab
02:20 – Adding Facebook Streams
03:15 – Account Settings
03:55 – Creating a Post
04:45 – Adding an Image to a Post
05:30 – Using the Link Shortener
05:53 – Scheduling a Post
06:30 – Using the Planner
07:45 – How to Engage with Posts
09:30 – The Hootsuite App Directory

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  1. Is there a way to change to text per account instead of having to post individually for each platform! For example, sometimes we want a different amount of content and information depending on if it is on Twitter or Facebook. At the moment I am having to schedule for FB and go back and do a second one for Twitter. Other platforms like Buffer allow you to add different text in one schedule?

  2. I clicked on 'manage social networks' but all it shows is the +private network. How do I add my facebook group?

  3. QUICK QUESTION: Is it possible to add a search criteria setting a max followers of the post creator/publisher? I know you can do this directly in the Twitter API for instance. You can set a minimum followers, but what about max?? That´s in some cases equally important or relevant. Thanks /Andy.

  4. This was helpful thanks. is it possible to link my Business Facebook page rathr than my personal FB page? If so how?

  5. i have created my hootsuite first time but i can not seem to get all the options you had with the @mentions / comments etc all i have is updates and scheduled is there a way to add mentions / hash tags etc ?

  6. Thank you so much for this informative Hootsuite video! Really helpful and easy to grasp info you have here 🙂
    So if you start hearing about South Padre Island, Texas from Cianna and RE/MAX Elite you will know why! Have a great day!

  7. this is so sad..this is not helping human beings as a species..this is more like a how-to guide to be even further dependent of your phone/device..but it's what the sheep want, so what more can I say? I've already said enough to warrant a negative reaction, and hopefully that's exactly what it takes for someone to have a second thought.

    Good luck with your social media


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