How to use iPhone 11 Camera? (Tutorial)


How to use iPhone Camera? Hello all and welcome to this Apple iPhone 11 camera tutorial. In this video we will break down the iPhone 11 in depth for the camera so you can understand how to use the iPhone 11 like a pro. The intentions of this video is to help you achieve the best possible results all from your smartphone camera. The iPhone 11 features a dual 12MP Wide + 12MP Ultra Wide camera capable of up to 4K60FPS video recording along with another 12MP 4K60FPS camera on the front. If you are having issues or have any other questions on how to use this camera, please be sure to go ahead and leave them down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching!

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Camera Accessibility: 0-3:04

Camera Settings Explained: 3:04-6:51

Mastering how to use the Camera Software 6:51-11:28

Understanding the Night Mode: 11:29-12:22

Getting the Best Video/Slow Motion/Time Lapse: 12:23-13:27

Understanding Portrait and Panoramic Modes: 13:28-14:58

Extra Useful Tips 14:59-16:32

External Accessories to improve photo and video: 16:33-17:47

Capturing more information from phone and wrap up – 17:48-End

Thank you for watching!

Accessories I use to improve iPhone 11 video:

Rode Video Mic L with Dead Cat:

Good cheaper alternative to rode:

Lav mic for iPhone:

Wind Muff for lav mic (essential when recording outside) :

Versatile iPhone MonoPod/Travel Tripod –

iPhone 11 Phone holder:

Dongle for iPhone 11:

Understanding the rule of thirds :

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  1. How to use iPhone 11 camera? (Tutorial) In this video we will explain in depth how to use the iPhone 11 camera, many tips will be useful for the pro and pro max as well! TimeStamp in the description! Enjoy the video and for camera samples on this phone you can check out this video here:

  2. Everyone:who Else is watching on Their iPhone eleven

    Me: tells my mom look at this iPhone 11

    Her:save up for your own

    Me: saves up but cant stop using my money on robux

    Me: desides to save up for a x instead its more cheap

  3. Bro my parents just brought me every color of the 11 so I went and gave all of them except for the red one (which is the phone I’m using rn) to all my cousins and I gotta say their expressions were heart breaking

  4. Hi✨i also have an iPhone 11.And I noticed something when i was filming a video on my street.There were like “ghost spots” flickering on camera,have you noticed it too?Im so sad and afraid it’s a defect and I don’t have possibility to send it to Apple Service.Please,can you tell,did you notice something in your iPhone 11?🥺😢

  5. This phone is very interesting. Becasuse it is very powerful for it's processor A13 Bionic and the camera Quality is amazing ♥️♥️♥️

  6. I don’t know why I could not get the image captured outside the frame. The option is enable in the settings but still i could not. Please help

  7. Hello guys. I need help -my iphone 11 dont go in portreit mode on front camera.Can you help me thank you

  8. Hi! I took my phone to a concert, I recorded tons of videos and took tons of photos I just noticed that when I’m recording on a wide angle the sound was very clear but whenever I switch to zoomed in mode the sounds get a bit hallow. Feels like I’m recording inside a tunnel. 😥 Is it normal or there’s something wrong with the setting? Thanks


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