How To Wear A Sport Coat


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Sport coats are a male fashion essential! Not only do sport coats sharpen your look, but they add bulk! Thin guys should pair a sport coat with an open jacket. Thin guys can even wear a double breasted jacket to add bulk. Bulky guys on the other hand, should wear a sport coat with an untucked shirt to add length.

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  1. Um , that jacket doesn't fit that guy at all , first thing I noticed was the huge bind leading to the top button and it all just went downhill into a train wreck from there . Word for the day DRAPING . I don't think the girl has ever heard of the term .

  2. That thing fits him horribly. I'm thin and I hate looking thin in a jacket. I wear American so it can put on some extra pounds

  3. Shirt tucked vs untucked 100% backwards. See:

    They also have a page on how a properly tailored suit should look like.

  4. This is terrible advice. A Bum Freezer will make you look idiotic… The texture, style and colour of the coat don't fit the pattern of shirt, thin lapels for bigger blokes? Essentially anything she said is rubbish.

  5. Tailor that jacket PLEASE!!!!! it hurts my eyes to see such a bad fit and ugly skinny lapels!!!


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