I Turned My HOLLYWOOD HOUSE Into A MOVIE THEATER in Adopt Me! Robox (Brand NEW Adopt Me Update)


Roblox Adopt Me – There’s a Brand New Adopt me Update, the adopt me Hollywood house! Today I spent all my robux on the hollywood house! After doing a hollywood house tour I decided to give it a makeover! I turned my hollywood house into a movie theater!
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  1. Zai you should use one of the rooms has a party room in one of the rooms as a bedroom or a rental room

  2. hi zai i dont know if you will ever hear this but my birthday is coming up and i hope i can join your serever soon for my b day. i live in america so you would have to be awake at night so i already flow you on roblox my name on roblox is lexidoodle0552 i have red clothes n the game and two buns i want to play adopt me plz hear this

  3. Yes you should and I also have a a. Idea you should also make it into like a sleepover Area 1 a party room and in the other room a sleepover room whoever wants to sleep over

  4. I thought you were do orange too Cuz iTS my fav color pls add that color but i would sit in the mint green one;)


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