Ibis RipMo vs HD5? Which One Is Better!


A question we have been getting a lot lately is what bike do we prefer, the Ibis Mojo HD5 or the Ibis Ripmo. Well we finnaly made a video comparing the two and even got into the good old fashion 27.5 vs 29 debate! Which one do you like more?

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  1. Having finally test ridden both of these bikes…I want the HD5…first. The Ripmo or perhaps the Ripley later as a general trail bike.
    The HD5 was def my fav but for two main reasons. I'm short and I like a "flickable" bike. The HD5 is a better all around fit for my style. That said, traction on the Ripmo 29er was super sweet…so I hope to have both at some point.

  2. I was actually in the market for a new bike recently. Went to ride some Ibis bikes at Outerbike but couldn't get my hands on one. I have owned both 29 and 27.5 . I thought I would want to stay on a 27.5 but ended up grabbing a 29er. Went specifically for the Transition Patrol and left with a Sentinel. Ibis seemed a little expensive when comparing comparable build spec from other manufacturers.

  3. Please can you give us a review of the DVO suspension. Forks and shock. How they work? How you set them up? Characteristics etc.
    Inspired by Hannah’s build and want to create my own. But the age old question is: To Fox or not Fox?

  4. I’m a pretty short guy(5’2”) and currently ride a mojo 3,size small of course and I’m thinking my next bike will be an HD5 cause I feel like I could use more on the downhills,will I die going up hill coming off a Mojo3 or would it be a reasonable transition?

  5. I have a 2019 Ripmo and just picked up the Mojo HD. I thought the ripmo was the best bike i ever rode which it was, until I got on the mojo. The MoJo is a trail slayer, it is a very lively bike and so easy to maneuver in the tech. The ripmo is a monster truck that climbs great. I have found them a job, the ripmo is my weekday local trail ride bike and the Mojo is my trail center bike like Sandy ridge, Alsea falls and Blackrock. These are my local trail centers and so far I have rode Sandy ridge 3 times on the mojo HD and it just loves to smash technical trails. I think having both wheel sizes is a must, they are two completely different experiences. I decided after i got the ripmo to only ride Ibis bikes. My Mojo is not the HD5 it is the 2017/18 model. I found a used mojo that had only been ridden for two hours and then spent 16 months hanging upside down. It is a MOJO HD WERX x01 model and the ripmo is a GX model. the builds are not really the same spec. the difference is the factory suspension, carbon wheels cranks and bars so the mojo is super light compared to the ripmo. My MOJO is custom to a factory 160mm front and rear suspension with a 66.6 head angle and a slightly higher bottom bracket. I get half the pedal strikes on the mojo compared to the ripmo

  6. I got an Mojo HD last week to go with my 2019 Ripmo i got last december and I think the two bikes are different enough to give two seperate great experiences even on the same trail. The Ripmo climbs great and smashes the DH, The Mojo HD climbs good but always makes me feel it more then the Ripmo. The Mojo HD just smashes the technical 8"-15" root and rock drops on high speed trails. The HD completely changed my riding ability just like the Ripmo did when i got it. The mojo is just so quick on the super fast tech sections that I think it's speed and agility make up for the smaller wheels. So what I have chosen is to use the Ripmo as my weekday ride / exercise 6 mile climb/Decent bike on my local trails and the Mojo HD when I travel to the trail centers like Sandy ridge, Alsea falls or blackrock (My local trail centers). After i got the ripmo i decided i would only ride Ibis bikes from here on out and I was unsure about the mojo hd until i took it on it's first decent and i must say it is a trail slayer.

  7. I agree with your assessment, I ride an HD4 which has near identical geo? once you put a 170mm fork up front (HD4 is 160mm stock). It climbs surprisingly well for a bike of it's size. On really steep uphill you need to get to the front of the saddle and get your weight forward a but but it's an enduro bike FFS, we're just trying to get to the top so we can go down. 😀

    And it is a beast going down. I'm in the PacNW and ride mostly blacks with double blacks when I'm feeling it. The long wheelbase and slackness is great. Took it to Whistler last summer and it did awesome in the park and valley trails. Another thing to mention is that the 27.5 feels a bit more playful on jump lines. I live 15 minutes from Duthie and like it a lot more in the air than my 29er.

    Anyway, for me I like the HD4/HD5 but it's just personal pref. The RipMo is also an awesome bike, I feel like I'd be stoked to be on an AF as well.

  8. I dont think it sounds crazy that 27.5 is easier to pedal. They weigh less and create a lower gear ratio when compared to similar 29ers. Bigger wheel, more weight, bigger gear.

  9. Just got the Ripmo, its everything everyone says about it and I can't get over how great it feels sto ride!

  10. HD 5 all the way. Hannah's helm cams show how smooth that bike is! she crushes everything and the bike is so still.

  11. I finally received, about 3 weeks ago, my xl blue Ripmo that I ordered in early June . The original was destroyed in shipping then you, Mo, obviously with your Ibis connections, got MY Ripmo(insert smiley face here but I don't know how to on the desktop computer). So far it has been everything I had expected and then some. It is simply amazing! I am so enjoying living vicariously through you two. Keep on having fun for all of us!

  12. heres my anwser.. 29 rock,. 27.5 is alot more slower on climbs 26 er JUST FUCKING moves well! an eats everything

  13. We had 6 inches of snow come on Tuesday night. I am so jelly that you can still ride! You should have taken me with you! LOL!

  14. I look forward to your more comprehensive comparison of the Ripmo vs Ripmo AF. Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving
    …I know you compared them in your initial AF ride review, just wondering what your thoughts are now that you put more time on the AF.

  15. Disclaimer: I ride a V1 Ripley – which I still enjoy riding going on 5 years!..LOL.

    I had a chance to demo both: the Ripmo and the HD5.

    I was very impressed with the stability of the Ripmo, however I missed the nimbleness of my Ripley. It is a big bike, but pedals very well as all Ibis bikes do. I felt it had what I call a "Presence" ( tracks well ) when pedaling, being a big bike. I'm used to my shorter and lighter Ripley.

    As for the HD 5, on my initial ride I had to climb some very steep ( almost vertical) fire roads which proved to be a chore on this bike, and I believe would've been a chore (on any bike) even on my Ripley but would've been more comfortable. It pedaled very well, however I wasn't convinced on climbing.

    The Verdict: I'd like to demo the Ripmo one more time to be certain, otherwise I'll probably eventually get the new RIpley as I demo'd this one as well!..LOL. I was very impressed with how easy it is to pedal up and down and the increased stability! The Ripmo, although not as nimble, has probably the best stability I've ever experienced on a bike ( and have demo'd at least 10 within the past year) which might be worth considering since it climbs close to the Ripley. Also, the added the stability of the Ripmo would provide more forgiveness on the trails as I become an older rider ( I'm 48 ) which is worth considering.

    Awesome MTB, keep having fun in the Land of Smiles! Watch them spiders though!

  16. Very topical, I've had a renewed curiosity on this topic recently, thanks for the insights. There's no substitute for spending time on lots of different bikes, but that can be hard to do.

  17. I want to clarify something you said….

    When you said that you have to keep your weight down to keep it stable you are talking about climbing right??

  18. I own a 29 hardtail my wife has 27.5. Now I'm kinda a small guy I still ride 26 on my downhill my 29 hardtail is a medium frame however I have issues sending it if I used my 26 hardtail I send it and maybe different wheel size and reach from bars. Maybe I just still like 26


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