IL Dept. of Agriculture Claims No Drones for Humane Investigators


The counsel for the Illinois Department of Agriculture is telling Approved Humane Investigators that they cannot use drones in their investigations. This is false. There is no law prohibiting drones for that purpose.

Please contact the Department and ask that the Department give humane investigators accurate information.

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The purpose of this video is to educate the public about animal abuse and those who commit it. It is not intended to be shocking or sensational.


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  1. I am a 4-H member(not a group that raises animals 4 slaughter) I am going to do 2 projects this year about animal abuse. I also want to enter 2 in the fair. I hope this will help. Also what u have done so far is amazing. But I think if u suggested alternatives it would probably make people turn away from the abuse part of it. Thanks for informing me on everthing!

  2. People you are what you Eat thanks a bunch Steve what's wrong with the people that hurt just for the thrill it's truly Sicking

  3. I’ve only been a Shark follower maybe 2 years. Loved animals but never really followed the animal rights movement. One night I stumbled on the video of when the guy pulled a gun on you in Pa. You guys opened my eyes to a lot of sad and sick things being done to animals. Please continue the great work and be safe.

  4. Keep using those thrones and expose that horrific animal abuse. Illinois Agriculture and John Teefy are tortures scum to our innocent animals and it must stop, those sadistic shit bags cowards must be arrested, we supposed to be civilized.

  5. I'm very happy shark calling these sick people out. You can fly as long it is not a no fly zone. These sick fucks do not own the air rights so keep on filming.

  6. They are worried about 4th amendment arguments, being a Goverment/Enforcement agency. They can use drones, but need a easily obtainable warrant to use them to not get that evidence thrown out.

    Wilderness Search & Rescue teams had a issue with this same problem in the past, but the difference is they do not present criminal cases.

  7. What will it take for the Govt to step up and stop these animal abuse/killings? Im so sick over this! I cant understand why this is legal

  8. @SHARK Somehow this doesn't surprise me coming from a state where where a blacksite prison has been busted & ordered to submit decades worth of records for illegally imprisoning people without a phone call/access to food or water/representation. Yep, Chicago, Illinois' Homan Square facility, a nondescript warehouse on the west side had long been used for secretive work by "special units". Alleged practices there included, Keeping arrestees out of the booking databases, Beatings by police resulting in head wounds, Shackling for prolonged periods of time, Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility and Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including minors as young as 15 YOA… All of this was reported to and by, The Guardian in 2015 by people familiar with the jail… At least one man was found unresponsive in a Homan Square “interview room” and later pronounced dead

    Keep up the "good fight"… Some of us still have heart and soul. We're grateful.
    PS: I could go on about some I've known who have direct connections to the state but enough is enough.

  9. Well at least this appears to be a case of possibly ignorance rather than outright incompetence or direct malevolence.
    This is a decent resource on where airports and restricted airspace is in IL and other areas:
    I would say the biggest concern in IL is just how many things count as airports. Buildings with helicopter pads (i.e. a lot of major hospitals and at least National Guard facilities) count as airports, as do a lot of model aviation club airstrips. If you're operating within 5 miles of one of these, you have to inform the "airport".
    here's a decent explanation of requirements and regulations in IL:

    (I know you guys know this, its just information for people in general, also I wouldn't expect the police in Chicago to know the law or obey it even if they do know it)

  10. A government organization unfamiliar with the law and making it up as they go along to prevent accountablity…. gee what are the odd… good work shark as always.

  11. Keep up the good fight you guys. Bring you up to speed on my letter to Polaris about their support for Cheyenne rodeo. I still haven’t heard anything from them, but a Indian Motorcycle dealership called me wanting me to buy a motorcycle. I respectfully said “I am sorry I am not supporting your main company Polaris because they sponsor a deadly rodeo”.


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