Intro to the Service Blueprint with Diala Lteif case ex: uber – Beirut Service Jam 2015


Service Blueprint by Diala Lteif
The ‘Service Blueprint’ is a central tool to Service Design. It allows service providers or designers to simply visualize a service through time in all of its aspects, from the back-end actions to the user interactions with the service.
The tool is user-centric, to allow for a perception of the service as experienced by the customer in order to essentially improve their experience.
This short interactive session is an introduction to the Service Blueprint through the case study of the ‘uber car service’. It was hosted during the 2015 edition of the Beirut Service Jam, the Lebanese edition of the Global Service Jam.


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  1. Great video, very clear and useful, it's a shame that know at all guy was kind of trying to sabotaje the class. Great lecturer though

  2. Cool, now I know how UBER car service works. I would like her to be my lecturer 😀 Clear explanation and directive. Awesome


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